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Head, 2014

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Fiber/Scientific Data

06/05/201922.8 4.5 19.6 SF 21.9 CF 94.9, staple 69.8mm, curve 36.6, sheared 4.92 lbs.
06/04/201820.6 3.9 18.7 SF 19.7 CF 98.6%, staple 64.0mm, curve 48.7, sheared 4.86 lbs.
06/05/201720.5 4.4 21.2 CF 97.7%, SF 20, staple 65.8mm, curve 43.8, sheared 4.44 lbs.
06/09/201519.4 4.1 21.0 CF 98.7%, SF 18.9, staple 60.6mm, curve 47.4, sheared 3.63 lbs.
06/11/201419.0 3.5 18.6 CF 99.1%, sheared 4.34 lbs.
06/12/201321.2 4.4 20.6 CF 97.2%, spin fineness 20.6, staple 68.2mm, curve 47.5, sheared 5 lbs.
06/09/201225.4 4.6 18.2 13.5%>30 CF 86.5
05/28/201124.6 4.4 17.7 CF 91.3, sheared 6.92 lbs.
05/26/2010(44 mo) 23.8 4.2 17.5 93.4 CF
06/02/2009(32 mo) 23.6 4.6 19.5 CF 93.5, Sheared 7.9 lbs. (Yocom-McColl)
06/02/2009(32 mo) 25.4 4.5 17.8 CF 86.6 CRV 30 Sheared 7.9 lbs. (OFDA)
06/05/2008(19 mo) 24.0 4.6 19.0 CF 91.5 CRV 29 Sheared 6.34 lbs.
06/05/20077.5 mo: 20.7 5.0 24.0 CF 95.7 CRV 29

12 YEARS 20.6 micron, 98.6% CF!

Stirling Ridge WALLACE

Huacaya, Male, Proven | Medium Fawn

AOA# 30432840   D.O.B. 10/17/2006 (13 yrs), 1/2 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian, 1/8 Chilean

Victor's Julius 
| AOA# 823201  | Dark Brown 

FIONA of Stirling Ridge 

Sweet personality

FIONA of Stirling Ridge

Huacaya, Female, Proven, White, 1/2 Peruvian, 1/2 Bolivian
ARI# 847151 | DOB: 5/28/2003
If you are just thinking of starting with alpacas, here is a sweet girl for you to train on! Fiona is tried and true. She's a calm animal and very sweet. We suggest at her age that she not be bred, but you could certainly try! We are not able to guarantee a pregnancy or live birth.

Fiona has strong Caligula genetics with color in her background. She has given us a white female, Nona, a medium fawn son with grey markings (Wallace), and now her latest beige girl with dark skin (Maisie), so we ...

| AOA# 847151  | White 

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Great deal!

Bidding Info


First things first! Notice Wallace's TWELVE YEAR histogram: 20.6 micron with a 98.6% comfort factor!

Click to see a copy of the CONTRACT for a herdsire breeding.

If you would like to buy Wallace, click to see a STUD PURCHASE CONTRACT. Included in his purchase, Wallace will go to WSU for a breeding soundness and health exam. If he doesn't check out for some reason, your money will be refunded completely.

Get Wallace's genetics for a drive-by fee of $500. Add $350 if you would like to leave your girl here for 2 months. That price includes boarding, an ultrasound package for your girl by Dr. Tibary and staff at WSU (worth $200), and the transport back and forth. Dr. Tibary considers ultrasound the "gold standard" in breeding management.

Wallace is a big boy, but nicely balanced; the grey is showing, he's a VICTOR grandson. Nice topline, nice bite, nice everything! Notice those nice steady histogram stats over the years. That is an excellent and heritable trait.

He has beautiful fiber character with glossy, crimpy locks with a bolder amplitude. He's a medium fawn (taking after his famous grandsire, Victor) with white ankle bracelets, white under the chin, white snips on his head, and very excitingly, GREY on his face, head, neck, and legs. No spots on the blanket, just white extremities. There is a lot of grey in his sire's background. Wallace's sire, Julius, has produced many offspring that have won in the showring--ribbon after ribbon.

Wallie is one of our easiest boys to handle: calm, quiet, very gentle and easy to manage. He's straight in the legs, upright in posture, bright, alert, and carries excellent fiber qualities. He's gotten his girls pregnant on the first breeding and is a gentleman, eager but responds to handling.

14-day live cria guarantee. Don't worry about the health of your female and/or cria, if you drop them off for a couple months here. Your girl will be in a safe, quarantined pasture, separate from our herd and other boarding animals.


2008 NW Alpaca Showcase Spin-Off:
1st place blue, 6 entries, 95/100 points
The spinner said, "A pleasure to spin."

Financing Terms

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