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Where you can get any color alpaca you want as long as it is black.

Margery and Michael A. Morack
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Fiber / Scientific Data

EPDAFD = -0.835 SDAFD = -0.101 SF = -0.674 %F>30 =-3.577 MC = -0.914 SDMC = -0.189 %M = 0.578 MSL = 2.651 FW = 0.087
Second ShearingAFD=23.7 SD=5.8 CV=24.3 Staple=120.2mm
First ShearingAFD=18.8 SD=3.4 CV=22.9 Staple=120mm

Fleece that must touch your skin!

MAMGB Kaichaga "From a Force of Nature"LeaseTrade

Huacaya, Male, True Black

ARI# 31903974   D.O.B. 6/11/2011  (3 yrs)

Sire: Crescent Moon's Velocity
| ARI# 1223354  | True Black 
Dam: WHFNC Legendary Sweet Lorraine
| ARI# 30032516  | True Black 


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Bidding Info

It turns out that our selection of Lorraine at auction for her fine pedigree and then selecting Velocity as the sire was the perfect one-two punch. Our initial thought was to name him "Poof" because when his fleece dried it literally looked like it went poof and there was a lot of rich soft black fleece. Our next impression was that the fleece is so soft that we were not certain we were touching the fleece. Our hands did not register this level of softness. We saw this same level of softness in Huyaku Ska making us think her sire was a we are wondering if Velocity is a rabbit in disguise.

Kaichaga's EPD data show a tendency toward improving micron and consistency (AFD and SD) through reduction while improving fleece weight. His hand is incredibly soft and we see little variation from nose to toes in fleece quality.


Kaichaga's Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) predict improved fineness, with greater consistency, producing a higher quality yarn. The EPD's also predict longer staple lengths and greater fleece weight - basically more of a highly valued fleece all with a conformational frame.
2013 Michigan Alpaca Festival (Fall) - bright black fiber on a very sturdy frame with reasonable density
Judge: Sara Jane MacLennan
Evaluate to the right breeding decision: We developed an evaluation method to assist in breeding decisions. The evaluation and it's use are provided free to help you evaluate your alpaca, your herd, and your breeding decisions that provide satisfactory results. The evaluation is provided in an EXCELL spreadsheet or printed copy..................... We provide 21-day quarantine prior to breeding, up to 180 days board until successful pregnancy, 90-day live birth guarantee, pre breeding health and reproductive veterinary exam with fecal prior to breeding, and veterinary ultrasound confirmed pregnancy.

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