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Heavenly Springs Titus

Goat, Nubian - Mini, Buck (male) | Black with random white

TMGR# BN00376 | DOB: 2/17/2017 (2 yrs)

Green Gables Jericho
Heavenly Springs Faith

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Sire: Green Gable Jericho
4th Gen

S Sire: Echo Hill's DO Goldstone

5th generation - American
2 VCH 'legs'
Percentage: 50/50 (Nubian/Nigerian)
Height: 28" (at 5 yrs old) - not as tall as this picture makes him look!
G6S Normal by testing
He has GORGEOUS breed character with super LOOOONG, wide ears. His dam is an
excellent milker who easily earned her milk star as a first freshener. Opal is very easy to
milk as well. His sire is an amazing buck who did great things in Dannette's herd. He is
wildly moonspotted and puts beautiful bodies and toplines on his kids. Goldstone is a
lovely blend of his two parents with his correct legs, long, deep body, lovely topline and
stunning breed character. I have been very pleased with the kids Gold has thrown. He
passes on his lovely conformation and greatly improves breed character.


SS Sire: Echo Hill's Dominator (5th gen AM)

SS Dam: Echo Hill's Black Opal 2*P (4th gen AM)

S Dam: Green Gables SS Hershey's Bliss *P

3rd generation - American
Percentage: 56.25/43.75 (Nubian/Nigerian)
Height: 26.5" (at 8 years old)
G6S Normal by testing
BLISS is a super sweet chocolate doe. She has nice breed character with a roman nose
and fully pendulous ears. Bliss has very correct conformation with strong feet and legs,
good body capacity, a nice topline and is very dairy. Unfortunately she had some health
issues as a yearling and didn't take, so we had to wait until she was 3 to see her udder,
but WOW it sure was worth the wait! Her udder is super well shaped with long, easy to
milk teats and tons of capacity. The attachments are excellent and she milks well. Her
first freshening, she was giving over 6 lbs a day at less than 2 weeks fresh! Because her
udder is the same color as her body, and it is so snugly attached, we have had a very
difficult time getting good pictures of it. She has continued the good milking trend and
has also given us many gorgeous kids - she even had quints in 2015.


Dam: Heavenly Springs Faith

D Sire: Green Gables Patriot *B
3rd Gen
28" tall

DS Sire: VMCH Green Gables USG Freedom Fighter *B
4th generation ~ American
Finished V-Champion
Percentage: 53.12/46.88 (Nubian/Nigerian)
Height: 30"
G6S Normal by testing


DS Dam: Country Dreams Rosebud *P
2nd generation
Height: 25" (at 6 yrs)

She has a very smooth, level topline with an extremely flat rump. She has great body
capacity and very strong feet and legs. Rosebud is a good, steady milker giving 5-6
lbs of milk per day. Her udder is very well attached with a high, wide rear udder and
super tight attachments all around. Her teats are well delineated and well placed.
Rosebud's kids are always gorgeous with wonderful conformation and lovely


D Dam: Paw Paw Nin Vivid Bridget

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