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May 16, 2012

By: Joe Preston,

Is your farm ready for visitors?

Your virtual farm should be as polished and presentable as your physical farm

Websites, emails, banner advertising, social media and other online marketing can be rather abstract activities compared to the very real, invigorating, hands-on world of your physical farm. For many of you it's why you love raising alpacas - it gets you away from that "desk work" into a more natural, human way of life.

For those of you whose farms are a business, you work hard to make your farm as presentable and interesting as possible so that when potential customers come to visit they are impressed with what they see and want the alpaca lifestyle for themselves and become a customer!

Yet when it comes to your virtual farm (vFarm) - the online version of your farm, many farms look incomplete and shabby to online visitors, which is a big turnoff. And with many other farms just a click away, it's very easy to lose those customers to someone else who looks better and has more to read about.

With most initial research into alpacas done online today, why would you undermine your business opportunities by having a poor or non-existent virtual farm? Usually it's because it's complicated, time-consuming, and costly to keep things updated.

That's where Openherd comes in. We understand online marketing and the technology and presentation necessary to make that effective and have designed tools to let you get the most out of a great virtual farm presence without having to figure it out on your own or spend a lot of money.

Because online marketing is not about being on just one website but doing as many things in as many places as possible so that you get noticed, Openherd has created virtual farm packages that give you your own exclusive farm website (separate from Openherd - i.e., a profile and premium exposure on, and a complete, polished presence on any affiliate website that you're a member of that participates in Openherd's Affiliate Program.

So an Openherd virtual farm membership is not just a sales list on, it is nothing less than a complete virtual farm, all easily managed in one place.

So don't let valuable business pass you by because you're not presenting yourself well.

Upgrade to an Openherd virtual farm plan today! >