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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dying suri Fiber

For the first time I dyed suri fiber!

I used the Jaquard Acid dye, the dye consists of White Vinegar.

I dyed purple, hot pink and turquoise, it was really simple and fun, turned out fabulous!

I am use to dying mohair, this had fewer steps.

I didn't skirt the fleece because it was fairly clean and I didn't wash it before hand because I didn't want it to felt. Here is the process I used:

1. Brought Water to a boil in a mid size sauce pan
2. Took it off the heat and added dye (if you don't take it off the heat it boils over instantly)
3. Added white vinegar
4. Added fiber, just gently pressed it down into the dye.
5. Let it sit for about 15 minutes
6. Rinsed it under warm water
7.Laid it on my skirting table to dry, It was about 80 degrees so it dried in about 4 hours!

A few notes:
Use a dust mask until you are familiar with the dye and use dishwashing gloves, the water is hot and the fiber retains the heat so when you spreading it on your skirting table you will need them :)

I plan to mix it with the mohair for a strong handspun yarn, the alpaca takes the slippery out of the angora and the angora makes the alpaca stronger, they are symbiotic :)