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Friday, July 19, 2013

Blind Alpaca Continues On With Herdmates

Depicted on our home page is foundation female Shadow Dancer, tending to her
most recent cria, Midnight Dancer.
A few years back, Shadow Dancer lost the sight
in one eye, then subsequently the other for unkown reasons.
Both eyes had to be removed.
She has always been a very attentive mother and losing her sight had no
effect on her ability to continue motherhood. She was very attentive and protective
of her little buddy, which we placed a break-away cat collar with bells around his
neck, so she could easily keep track of him.

Born on the ranch New Year’s Day 2003, she knows every inch of the fields and
navigates around amazingly well by keeping one ear and her nose close to the
ground, using her sense of smell and hearing. She can also sense vibration on the
ground when someone or something is approaching. During the initial adjustment
period to the blindness, we kept her in a smaller enclosure, then gradually expanded
the area until she now has free roam of the enclosed fields with the rest of the