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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Redesigned Farm Profiles

New farm profile design!

New farm profile design!

As part of our site-wide redesign, we're proud to announce the launch of our new farm profile design. We've cleaned things up, freshened up the look, and made information more accessible, such as the farm contact information.

We hope you like the new look and the way you look!

More great stuff coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

See an example farm profile:

Friday, March 21, 2014

Re-designed Openherd & New Keyword search

Newly redesigned

Newly redesigned

Well, it's probably obvious but we've just launched our newly re-designed Openherd! We've freshened things up, simplified things, and cleaned things up.

And there's more to come! Your farm profiles will also be seeing some nice cosmetic changes very soon.

Not only have we made things nicer to look at, we've also improved our keyword searching. We know many of you have asked for this and been waiting a while, so here it finally is. So when we say "you asked, we listened" we're not just using a tired piece of PR.

Give it a try. Type in anything you want and see all the results you get - not just alpacas, or farms, but also products, images, forum posts, and more.

Openherd image search

Openherd image search

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Alpaca Relaxation Tips

Openherd asked members to share their alpaca relaxation techniques/tips on our Facebook page. The winning entry:

Jane Romatzke

We go out to the paddock at sunset with a glass of wine or a "Fuzzy Paca" (2 shots of peach vodka, a fresh peach... skin on, pit out. Mix together in a blender. Add ice cubes, blend again. Pour into glass with ginger ale and enjoy). Sit in comfy chair and enjoy the antics of the crias and the big boys trying to impress the girls. After lots of laughter and fun, chase each other back to the house humming all the way.

Here are the rest of the responses!...

Dawn Sorokin-Tschupp

Lying back in a hot lavender scented bath with a copy of "Alpaca Relaxation Guide"!

Tamilyn Waterhouse Wayboer

Need the stress of the day to go away? Go to the paca pasture and listen to the hum.

Pamela Wagener

How about just sitting and watching the cria run? I love doing that!

Kathleen Finn

Yep, the cria races are THE best!

Kathleen Finn

Reading my book in the pasture, while all the alpacas graze. VERY zen.

Evi Dixon

Go out to the pasture or the barn, sit down on, hum your ohm OOO and feel, hear, see how the pacas hum with you. You will be relaxed, have meditated and will feel like new!

Evi Dixon

You can read it the other way round too: relax your alpacas not yourself! massage them, TTocuh them, Quantum touch them, Cranio sacral touch them or even better.... do NOTHING to them, keep your hands to yourself when around them!

Marcee L Stephenson

My alpaca relaxation is sitting on the concrete block at the back of the barn while each cria curiously, yet cautiously comes up to sniff me. Some of the moms do it too. Perfect end to my day.

Angela Rogers

My favorite thing to do is to hang out with them and feed all the mamas grain from my hand while their cria sniff me and try to figure out what all the fuss is about!

Suzanne Thomas

Adirondack chair, wine, pronking cria. Need there be more?

Anne Brooks

I love to just spend time out in the pastures doing whatever needs to be done while listening to my alpacas 'talking' to each other and receiving kisses & hugs from those that like to follow me around while I work.

Rachel Wingert

I just love being with the alpacas and sitting on the ground talking to them while the babies sniff your feet or chew on your hair.

Melanie Hundley Sisson

I love standing at the maternity pen and watching the baby kicks happening in mamas' bellies. Makes everything good. I could just stand and watch for hours.

Evelyn Saylor Troyer

I just love sitting out with my alpacas and watching them come running to me as fast as they can to get hosed down and get apples from our apple trees. They love that. When my animals are happy, I'm happy!!

Judy Baker Rafferty

Singing in the barn while the alpacas hum along.....

Terri Kinka

Believe it or not - scooping poop! After being at a computer all day it feels good to be outside with the "kids" doing something mindless. Best part of my day!

Pam Amand

I find it relaxing to spin the alpaca fiber or dye yarns I have spun. It is my artistic outlet.

Kim Saul Robertson

I love to take out the hose and turn on the water. Watching them all come running is the best. Then they push to see who gets to be closest to me.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

National Alpaca Farm Days

Photo credit: Cas-Cad-Nac Farm, LLC

Photo credit: Cas-Cad-Nac Farm, LLC

Every year, alpaca farms celebrate National Alpaca Farm Days by opening their farms for visitors to discover alpaca farming, the alpaca way of life, and have a fun, wholesome day out with their family.

Alpacas are inquisitive, photogenic, and very safe for young children to be around. So if you've been wondering about these animals and curious to see them in person, bring out your entire family to a participating farm near you and enjoy a memorable day and leave with some unique alpaca gifts or clothing, too!

National Alpaca Farm Days are this Saturday and Sunday, September 28-29, 2013.

Find a farm near you >

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chinese Alpaca Buyers?

Recently we have seen someone that appears to be from China create an account on Openherd and place bids on alpaca auctions, typically low-priced animals of between $50 to $100. We were able to catch this activity very quickly, retract those bids and shut them down. However they seem to have tried at least two more times.

Openherd has put checks in place to prevent this happening again so that our members don't get false hopes of a sale and have to go through this frustrating hassle.

We decided to check this out a little more and came up with some interesting news items from a few years ago:

Your Alpaca For A Visa? (4/28/2009)
Visa Scammer Posing as an Alpaca Buyer (5/9/2009)

We don't know if this is what's behind these recent account activities but we at least want to put our members on the alert to this. It seems highly unlikely that someone from China would go to all the trouble and expense of importing a $50 alpaca to China.

The bottom line is that if someone creates an account on Openherd and doesn't provide valid account/contact information, this is grounds for account suspension or termination and we take abuse of our system seriously.

We hope this hasn't happened to any of you and ask that you report any suspicious activity on Openherd to us immediately.

From: Mary Ogilvie, Timber Lodge Alpacas

My husband and I actually had a group of four young individuals that stated they were from China come out to the ranch to look at the alpacas. Said they were interested in purchasing and would be back in touch. Then received a strange email stating an individual would be contacting us to make arrangements to pick up alpacas; however we needed to place additional funds in a bank account. Did not fall for the scam; but did have another group show up on the ranch a few weeks later. Just need to be careful.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alpacas featured in Super Bowl 2013 ad

Lincoln car Super Bowl 2013 ad

Lincoln car Super Bowl 2013 ad

This past Sunday, Lincoln cars ran a 60-second Super Bowl 2013 ad featuring alpacas ('alpaca-lypse').

The idea for the ad came from San Clemente High School senior Karina Rose White who responded to a Twitter campaign hosted by Jimmy Fallon called 'Steer the Script' which allowed ordinary people to pitch ideas for scenarios for the ad.

Watch Karina talk about her idea.

The alpacas were provided by Rancho Keleje Alpacas in Fillmore, Ventura County in southern California. The alpacas were taken to another location for filming.

This is great exposure for alpacas nationwide and puts them more in the mainstream as the unique producers the world's most luxurious fiber rather than being perceived as exotic pets.

Many people haven't been exposed to the virtues of alpaca fiber and have often formed inaccurate perceptions about alpacas from people like John Stossel, portraying alpacas as a tax shelter rather than a viable livestock business.

Alpaca fiber, called the "fiber of the gods" by the ancient Peruvians, is superior to all other fibers because:

  • It is a hollow tube, like polar bear fiber, rather than a hair, such as sheep's wool, giving it amazing insulating properties and warmth.
  • The air pockets in the fiber make it incredibly lightweight.
  • It does not contain lanolin, as with sheep's wool, making it hypoallergenic, non-itchy, and odor-free.
  • It has a naturally bright sheen or 'luster.'
  • The lack of oils means you can spin it without washing first.
  • It can easily be blended with other fibers, both natural and synthetic.
  • It is incredibly soft due to its low micron count, comparable to Merino wool and close to that of Cashmere.
  • It doesn't absorb water and is naturally wicking, taking moisture away from the skin.
  • It is 7 times stronger than sheep's wool, making it very durable and hard-wearing.
  • It resists pilling and abrading, keeping it looking good for years.

There are many other benefits to owning alpacas, other than the fiber end-product. Many people have found a slower, more meaningful way of life farming these magical creatures, which require relatively little care, are safe around young children, and make a great business for the whole family to participate in.

There are thousands of alpaca farms all over the U.S. but most are concentrated in the northeastern and west coast states. You can find farms near you using Openherd's farm search or browse locally made alpaca products in our store. is the largest and most popular alpaca marketplace and community in North America, with over 3000 alpaca farms represented and over 23,000 alpacas listed for sale. Openherd also provides website hosting and medical record-keeping software to alpaca farmers and hosts the only nationwide Affiliate marketing network.

Visit and "Like" Openherd on Facebook.
Karina Rose White, 17, will be a part of the Lincoln car ad.

Karina Rose White, 17, will be a part of the Lincoln car ad.

Friday, February 17, 2012

NY Fashion Week's ginormous alpaca coats

Photo: Richard Drew/Associated Press

Photo: Richard Drew/Associated Press

So why is Openherd featuring the flamboyant and vivacious creations of the New York fashion scene? We're noticing a growing presence of alpaca being featured in all levels of the clothing "hierarchy" - from artisan, locally-made garments, to main street offerings, to the catwalks of New York, Milan, London, and Paris.

It's not that New York's taste for high fashion is the key to the future of the alpaca fiber industry but the first step to marketing any product or service, is awareness. New York Fashion Week attracts designers, buyers, media, and public figures from all over the world and they in turn heavily influence popular culture and create demand for what's being showcased.

Our goal at Openherd is to highlight the growing awareness that alpaca is getting in various circles of culture because this is both a gauge of its progress and a source of encouragement to all who aspire to see alpaca become recognized for its inherent qualities and become a more economically viable fiber industry.

The two alpaca coats we featured can be seen here and here (click to slide 2).
Photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Monday, January 23, 2012

Get the most out of your advertising

Openherd logo ads can double your page views!

Openherd logo ads can double your page views!

If you're running an ad on Openherd, make sure that where your ad click leads makes sense to your potential customer and capitalizes on their attention and current level of interest:

  • Make sure the page that your ad points to mentions any offer or event you are promoting in your ad.

  • If you are featuring your farm tagline/slogan or what you want to be known for, make sure you talk to this on your page.

  • Consider creating a special ad landing page using the My Pages tab in your account. Upload photos, links, information to draw your customers in and get them engaged with your message.

  • Tell your prospective customers what to think and do next – don’t let them have to figure things out for themselves (i.e. Click here, book a breeding before... and get...)

  • Put a limited time frame on any offer to give a sense of urgency and prompt them to action while their interest level is high.

  • Know what you’re especially good at and promote that consistently in advertising. This is called "branding" and takes multiple exposures for people to "get the message."

To reserve advertising on, click here

We'll talk more about advertising in detail in an upcoming article so check back soon for more!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Your Local Weather - Automatically!

Your local weather without a single click - right on Openherd's home page!

Your local weather without a single click - right on Openherd's home page!

Everyone is familiar with checking their local weather online. But it's usually a hassle: Whether you visit a website like or a favorite news website, you still have to type in your zip code and end up on the sponsoring weather website to get your results.

Not with Just pull up Openherd's home page and your location will be detected automatically without ever having to click or type anything! If the location detected is not quite accurate, then just type in your zip code or city/state and it'll be saved for subsequent visits.

If you take your computer on the road with you, just type in your new zip code or click "Auto" to make Openherd revert to detecting your location automatically again.

So why not make Openherd your home page and get your local weather where you check on all the latest alpaca happenings?!

Weather info provided:
Today: Current temperature, high, low, wind speed, precipitation, humidity.
Tomorrow: High, low, wind speed, precipitation.
Your location is detected automatically

Your location is detected automatically

Click "Change" to save your zip or city

Click "Change" to save your zip or city

Click "Auto" to revert back to automatically detecting your location

Click "Auto" to revert back to automatically detecting your location

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Can I Edit My Web Page Meta Tags?

Meta tags in the head of the html page and how they can be used in search engine results.

Meta tags in the head of the html page and how they can be used in search engine results.

A number of you who have your personal farm websites through Openherd have asked for the ability to customize your web page meta tags. We have now added this feature to additional web pages and articles under the My Pages tab. Just click the "Edit Meta Tags" link on the web page or article edit page and it'll expand a box where you can enter your own keywords and page description.

What is a "meta tag"? you might be asking. The word "meta" is Greek in origin and means "after", "beyond", "adjacent", or "self". In terms of web pages, meta tags provide additional information about the content and subject matter of the page they belong to. Meta tags are hidden html elements that are in the head of the document and can be used by search engines to identify or verify the relevance of page's content to keyword searches.

In the early days of the web, meta tags were used prominently in indexing and ranking page content. However, soon spammers put an end to that simplistic way of ranking pages by "keyword stuffing" meta tags with any words that would promote their page, regardless of their relevance. Today, most search engines pay little or no attention to meta tags as far as determining the relevance of a page's content but may use the meta tag information to supplement the information that is displayed in search results.

For example, if Google determines that one of your pages is a good match for a certain keyword search, it will grab a snippet of text from your page to display in search results. If you have included a "meta description" tag, then the search engines may opt to use your own meta description instead of the one they will automatically generate.

To summarize, meta tags can be worth the effort but they don't play a very big role in how you get indexed by search engines. It is more important to write articles and blogs that have content with your targeted keywords included in the text, page title, and any included links. Search engines try to mimic how human beings evaluate a page, so if you just focus on good, relevant content, you'll be doing well.