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Monday, May 13, 2019

A new approach to Battling the Pesky Flies 2019

New Approach To Battling Flies around Livestock:

This year in 2019, I have decided to add another approach to keeping the fly population down, and under control.

I have been reading about "Fly Predators" for a while now, and this year I decided to try them out. I ordered them from https://www.spalding-labs.com/.

I also ordered their all natural essential oil "Bye Bye Insects", spray, for spraying down the girls with.

Care should be taken to not spray t

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Battling the pesky Fly issue on our farm

I have found that one of my bigger issues in having livestock is keeping my girls free from the pesky flies.

We have had our girls in our pastures for 4 years now, and I believe I have finally figured out what works in most cases for my situation. Obviously keeping the manure cleaned up is a given, but also treating the areas where the urine and manure were helps.

In my case, I only have three, and realize this won't be practical for those with larger herds, but if you a read more...