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Golden Star Farm, LLC

Where the Alpacas Speak for Themselves!

Jeanine & Rob Tindall
237 Jericho Rd
Salem, NJ 08079

We are a small farm in Salem County, NJ. Our farm once was home to a mixture of animals starting with horses and then later goats, beef cattle and pigeons. We purchased the farm in 2006 and have since made a ton of changes. We replaced all of the old fencing and installed new fence posts.; we took the back shelter and gutted it to make it more amendable to alpacas.

We get quality orchard grass hay locally. Our alpacas are fed Mazuri UltimatE grain and get supplemental alfalfa and oats as needed. The farm is BVDV negative. We do all fecals on site. Jeanine is a analytical chemist by profession and has a Master's degree in Analytical Chemistry. She has looked at bacteria for work and now has extended that knowledge to doing fecals. Fecals are performed as needed and atleast 2 times per year per alpaca. Rob is very mechanical and hands-on. He is the solid support that keeps the farm running.

We offer a friendly atmosphere with no hassling. The philosphy is that the "Alpacas speak for themselves". We have recently bought a Jr. Herdsire to complement our existing Jr. Herdsire. We also have several promising young males coming up soon.

Our agisting services are top-rate. We will treat your alpacas as if they were our own. They will have fecals performed as the rest of the herd is done or when needed. The fecal's are included with the cost of board. If they need treated you will be contacted and given options. Every alpaca gets looked at daily to check for injuries and a quick body score is done on several alpacas each day to keep an eye on weight. Monthly herd health consists of M-worm shots (dectomax or Ivermectin), weights as needed and a quick body score, vitamins as needed and other medication as needed. We do require a yearly rabies shot on all alpacas on the farm due to the high incidence of rabid animals in the area in the past (better safe than sorry). We do CD&T shots yearly. All alpacas are tested for BVDV. You will find us to be honest and open. You will get monthly emails about what we did to your alpacas, health records on demand, and of course, we will contact you immediately if any issues arise. We believe that you should know what is going on at the farm as if you lived there yourself. We also offer discounted breeding's to our herdsire(s) for our agisting clients.

Contact us if you have any questions or want to talk about our wonderful alpacas. We offer 12 month 0% interest financing, agisting, and on-going farm support. We offer mobile breedings to Microman (female comes to him) and drive-by breeding's (he comes to your female). We can also keep your female on site. This service includes 60 day free board and confirmation via pregtone.

Farm Terms & Financing

0% for 12 months for sales >$5000.

Welcome to our farm!

We're glad that you found us on Openherd. Please take a look at our sales lists and enjoy learning more about our farm. We welcome your inquiries and questions!