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BlueGenes Alpaca Ranch

"Isn't it time for a new pair of genes?"

Nancy Barkoviak & JC Williamson
5401 Riggs Road Gaithersburg, MD 20882

BlueGenes' Welcoming Committee

MRG Stud! SkyWriter (Res.Champion)

BlueGenes Alpaca Ranch is tucked away on 6 acres surrounded by woods and farmland near Gaithersburg, MD. We fell in love with the classic tuxedo grays about 10 years ago. Genetics is fascinating, especially with gray alpacas, so we spend a lot of time matching males and females based on their lineage and fleece characteristics in order to improve the next generation of gray alpacas. Every match needs to be carefully considered.

That said, when you breed for gray, you're bound to have a few blacks along the way. To maintain our focus on grays, we sell our blacks and offer them individually or in packages at more than affordable prices because our pasture space is limited.

We believe in full disclosure, and will review all positive and negative attributes of our herd. We offer full support and all of our alpacas are BVD tested and come registered and microchipped. We don't attend as many shows as we'd like, so when one of our sales wins a ribbon or Color Championship, we're as proud as their new owners. We want to be known as the go-to small farm for high quality grays. We also 'rent' our champion females best producers. Contact us for details.

BlueGenes is one of 5 farms who created GrayAlpacaCentral.com, a website devoted to everything gray in alpacas, both huacayas and suris. Find us on facebook! We have a discussion page for your thoughts and questions, a Studs page and a Sales page. Please join us.

BlueGenes is a small farm with big ideas, so when it's time for a new pair of genes, please email us at jcwcreative50@gmail.com

Farm Terms & Financing

We DO offer multiple purchase discounts and will consider financing with 25% down. We like to treat each sale individually, so if you would like to make us an offer, please call or write and let's discuss it! Transportation within 100 miles is included in the sale. All females come with a 30 day live birth guarantee and all fertility guarantees apply to both male and female. All animals have been BVD-PCR tested negative and have microchips. All health records and all positive and negative traits on each alpaca will be fully disclosed and you will get unlimited support whenever needed.

Champion Genetics & Champion Offspring

Isn't it time for a new pair of genes?

At BlueGenes Alpaca Ranch, we breed for the best possible silver gray alpacas we can, based on genetics and fleece characteristics.

Our first two sales (both juveniles) went on to become multiple Color Champions and Blue Ribbon Winners.

We take time to research herd sires in detail, in order to match and improve specific qualities of our dams. That way, we hope to improve each new generation of grays.