Bucks Meadow Alpaca Farm

Committed to Fineness, Quality and Consistency

Julie and Dave Wroblewski
3795 Daley Rd.
Attica, MI 48412

19.9 AFD / 14.5 CV (fleece from Elija)

EXCEPTIONAL Taos' Offspring!
Taos (sold) & Son Nirvana

They say timing is everything, and for us, Buck’s Meadow Alpaca Farm is retiring after 13 years!

We’re proud of our award-winning herd, recognized for fineness and crimp…home of PHA Peruvian Taos, Snowmaster Royal Extreme, TCB Mario, Producers of BMF Pearl Jam, BMF Taos’ Zeppelin and many more.

Buck’s Meadow Alpaca Farm has retired!

Thank you Charles and Sue from Alpaca Lane Criations for the purchase of our remaining herd. Please check out their Facebook page to their amazing store and you will quickly see the commitment they have for the fiber industry!