Crazy Acres

Do you know your fibers best use?

Jody Grack & Judy Grack
7851 240th St E
Lakeville, MN 55044

Welcome to Crazy Acres! We are located in Lakeville MN. We purchased our alpaca back in 2007 and jumped into the alpaca lifestyle.

When we got into alpacas back in 2007 our goal was to improve our herd one generation at a time. We were going to be a breeding farm that the sale of stud fees and alpaca were going to sustain our farm. As time goes by our farm goals mutate. When we breed we still stand by the line above but now we are focusing on the fiber. With the goal that the fiber will sustain the farm. We focus on fiber and its best uses, outlets and opportunities. Of course we also want to enjoy the alpaca experience.

The animals love to have visitors and we love to talk alpaca, so if you are interested give us a call, drop us an email and come out and visit!

All you NFP members we are certified sorters.

Not a member, check this co-op out. They are purchasing a dehairing machine! I am very excited for the coop and the fiber industry in American with this option available we should see even more alpaca fiber out in the market. The cost to have your fiber sorted is $15 per fleece & neck. Curious about what this $15 gets you contact us and we can hopefully answer all the questions you have. The coop is averaging $35 per pound profit on alpaca fiber, but there is a time lag so if you have questions please contact us or a board member.

Not interested in being a member, that's okay having your fiber certified sorted is also great for you! The information you receive will help you make breeding decisions and best use decisions for your fleece!

Certified Sorting Promotion!!

Get your fleece Certified Sorted for $15 and only pay for shipping once!

Alpaca owners may have different reasons to have their fiber certified sorted. Maybe they want to send their fiber to the Natural Fiber Producers Coop. Maybe they want to determine the fibers best use. Maybe they want to make a more educated decision at breeding time.

As certified sorters my sister and I can help you. It is our mission to see as much fiber make its way into the market place as possible.

We are offering a sorting promotion. You pay $15 to have a blanket and neck sorted and we will pay for shipping for your fiber after it has been sorted.

Here are a few examples:

Farmer Joe has 5 blankets &necks. He’d like his fiber sorted and mailed to the NFP coop. He mails us his fiber. He pays to ship the fiber to us and when we are done sorting his fleece we pay to ship it to the coop.

Farmer Jane has 10 blankets &necks. . She’d like the fiber sorted and then mailed to a Mini Mill