Alpaca Allure

Today's Advantage... Tomorrow's Prosperity

Katherine Smith
5455 Shadyside Drive
Clarence, NY 14031


Go back to early 2010. I am very fortunate to have a great job, but also hoping to be able to retire in the next 10 years. My traditional investments are doing fairly well, but nothing spectacular. Taxes are ridiculous. Otherwise, life is good. My fiancé forms a new partnership with three friends; they are starting an alpaca business. I am certain they are crazy. I am not even sure what an alpaca is!

There begins my endless hours of researching everything that I could about alpacas. Through the remainder of 2010 I came to learn as much as possible about alpacas and this alluring business! I worked side by side with these guys as they began Diamond Alpacas of Clarence and grew from 4 to 29 alpacas, opened a merchandise store, launched their website and began to grow their business. In the process, I have come to love these fabulous animals!

Fast forward to today. It is clear that the alpaca industry is in its early phase with great potential as the textile industry becomes more and more interested in alpaca fleece. It is also clear that the alpaca industry offers opportunities for someone like me to build a business that can eventually provide a significant income, once I am ready to “retire” from my current career. Additionally, tax laws allow for legitimate deductions for alpaca breeders! The alpaca industry encompasses a wide variety of opportunities; breeding, processing fleece, transportation of animals, and many other possibilities!

After endless hours of researching and consulting the experts, I am thrilled to be launching my own alpaca business! My alpacas are located at the Diamond Alplacas of Clarence farm in Clarence, NY.

Farm Terms & Financing

Financing available with 20% down
· Interest rate: 0% in 1st year, 3% years 2-5
· 15% Multiple Animal Discount
· 15% New Breeder Discount
· Live Birth Guarentee
· Free Board for 6 months
· Comprehensive Support following each sale


Your investment can be INSURED, unlike traditional investment venues!

Alpacas are in great demand in the United States and around the world!

Alpacas offer a strong return on investment!

Alpaca ownership offers very attractive tax advantages for many!

Alpaca ownership offers an opportunity for tax deferred wealth building!

Alpaca ownership offers options; active hands on ownership on your own farm or passive ownership where your alpacas are boarded and cared for by an established alpaca farmer, perhaps many miles from where you live!