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"Sentez la douceur!" "Feel the softness!"

142 Hollis Lane
Oliveburg, PA 15764

La Petite Alpaca, the LaCroix farm store! Come visit & see the variety of alpaca items!

~ LaCROIX fine-fleeced ALPACAS ~
Socks! Insoles! Raw/Carded/Spun Fiber! @ the LaCroix Store

You are cordially invited to visit LaCroix ARI registered alpacas! The LaCroix breeding strategy promotes healthy, fine-fibered alpacas with correct conformation and bite. The color emphasis at LaCroix Alpacas is GREY so if you are interested in FAWN or BLACK alpacas, there are two very nice foundation females, TEMPEST & GRACE, in those colors FOR SALE at reduced prices! My husband and I are preparing for retirement [semi-retirement, actually]. Our plan is to relocate and retain 2-4 alpacas, a mini-herd [I can't give them up entirely!], and to sell the remainder of the herd, so please, check out our VARIETY of RETIREMENT PACKAGES presently available.

I offer my clients medical, fertility, reproductive, and registration warranties, a 30 days live cria guarantee, 90 days free board, and personalized mentoring and support before and after each sale.

I have many outstanding herd sires listed in the ARI PEDIGREES of my alpacas that their names are listed for your convenience on a separate web page under MY PAGES: Herd Sire Heritage. Please review the heritages list.

I may have the alpaca that you've been looking for so look through my site, call [814-938-9391], and schedule a visit to see LaCroix alpacas soon! LaCroix Alpacas is also able to transport alpacas!

While you're here, please visit the LaCroix farm store, La PETITE ALPACA, where you'll find lovely LaCroix Alpacas fiber, beautiful stuffed Alpaca fiber toys, luxuriously warm North American Alpaca socks, comfy Alpaca fiber shoe insoles, Alpaca mugs, & more!


"For God so loved the world..." {John 3:16}

Farm Terms & Financing

I understand that everyone has differing levels of financial concern. Therefore, I try to offer customized financial plans at NO interest.

I understand that everyone has differing levels of financial concern. Therefore, I try to offer customized financial plans at NO interest.

If you would like to create your own alpaca package, feel free to do so, and then make an offer!

INCLUDED in the price of each LaCroix alpaca:
Support and/or mentoring services.
Medical, fertility, reproductive, and registration warranties.
30 days live cria guarantee.
90 days free board.

Transportation: LaCroix Alpacas is able to transport alpacas and is very willing to work with the buyer concerning transportation.

"Sentez la douceur!" "Feel the softness!"

The 3rd of MAY 2017!!!
Come see!

FINE and LUSTROUS FLEECES grown by healthy and content alpacas with excellent conformation. WELCOME to LaCROIX Alpacas!

LaCROIX Alpacas is located in rural, scenic northwestern Pennsylvania, where my alpacas have lots of pasture to roam and graze and plenty of shade trees to rest under. It's a great, low-stress environment.

Come for a visit! Make an offer! You won't know unless you ask.

Note: All LaCroix females are either bred or sold with a free breeding or, sometimes, both AND they are sold with a FEMALE GUARANTEE.