— The Openherd Team

Moon Ridge Alpacas

They may not know the words, but they can hummm a few bars.

Bruce & Ginny Jory
12326 175th Av. SWRochester, WA 98579
360-402-3486 (cell)

Moon Ridge Alpacas was launched in 2003 by two novice entrepreners with a general love of nature and animals. Within a short time and with a whole lot of research we determined that Alpacas were to be a retirement lifestyle for us. With much help, advice, and encouragement from others in the industry we have increased the quality, genetics, and scope of our knowledge with every day that goes by. Currently we can offer breedings to bloodlines such as El Nino, Caligula, Peruvian Dante, Sweet Michela's Bronson, and Alianza Peruvian Choco, High Point Raindance, and Aussie Rockford. We have an Alpaca for every occasion. If you're looking for a 4H project to instill love and nurturing in our youth, a companion to bring serenity and calmness, or to initiate a quality breeding program we can assist you.
If you can look into the eyes of an Alpaca and not feel the intelligence, gentleness, and self assurance that these wonderful creatures exude then being a member of a wonderfully unique society of ranchers is probably not for you. Come visit, feed them some carrots and take the visual challenge. You'll fall in love!

Welcome to our farm!

Nestled on the south end of of the Capitol Forest in the heart of Thurston County's historical agricultural area and surrounded by blueberry and hay fields, Moon Ridge Alpacas was founded in 2003. It lies halfway between Rochester, Oakville and the old Gate community.