Wool & Gray Alpacas

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Yvette & David Kirilenko
270 Locktown Rd.
Flemington, NJ 08822

Nexxus:6X Champ, Get of Sire, Judges Choice & 19X Blue

Isis: 9X Champ, Judges Choice Huacaya Female, Best Bred & Owned Yearling Female (Empire 2009)
Secret-RC PAOBA'11-congrats to Secret & new owners Timm & Helen @ Sugartown Farms!
SunDevil 2X Champ-2nd@Mapaca-now owned by Spring Garden Alpaca Ranch!

My husband Dave and I began our adventure in alpacas after seeing an AOBA ad in Country Living on an airplane in 1998. By September 1998, after lots of internet research, we found a local farm holding an "Investing in Alpacas Seminar." We went. They asked if anyone wanted to come by the farm and help out learning hands-on....I nearly jumped out of my seat as I raised my hand! JUST 4 MONTHS LATER, Valentine's Day 1999 we signed the contract for our 1st 4 alpacas: 2 girls, 2 boys - all just 5-6 months old.

Yes...there was a method to our madness of buying 6 month olds...we lived in a condo at the time! Our plan was to learn everything we needed to know as our alpacas grew so we'd be ready for them when we found our dream farm. And finally we did. In September 2000 we moved into our beautiful farm and began to set it up for our little herd which had now grown to nine. Pregnant with our first child, we brought our alpacas home in the Fall of 2001.

How many great firsts there have been! Bringing them home. Our first cria born on the farm. Our first sale. Buying a stock trailer. Buying a tractor! New friends, new clients and new crias all along the years all the while learning more every day from these amazing alpacas.

Our greatest joy has been the success of our very small breeding program with carefully selected males and females, carefully thought out breeding decisions and being fortunate enough to be rewarded for our hard work in the showring as well as with our fiber crop. Over the past 14+ years, we have won ribbons in the top 3 in every single show we have entered, many times taking the blues as well as championships, Judges Choice awards and specialty awards like Best Crimp, Best Hand, etc even with alpacas still in their cria fleeces!

We have been very blessed to be a part of these alpacas' lives every day, to be a part of such a great diverse group of breeders and to be a part of an industry still in its infancy in many ways striving to make its mark in the world for the greatest good of alpacas everywhere and their luxurious fiber.

Farm Terms & Financing

Generally we offer short-term, no interest financing with flexible terms with a 25% deposit depending on the situation and the alpaca. Flexible monthly or quarterly payment plans may be available. All financed alpacas must be insured with sellers listed as co-loss payees.

ALL our breeding quality alpacas come with a reproductive guarantee not just the maidens and junior herdsires but also ALL of our proven dams and sires. We understand the risk and the investment in a breeding program and this is our guarantee that you are buying healthy breeding stock which will do just that: breed and produce! We also offer 30 day live birth guarantees for breedings and on all pregnant females. All available records: health, reproductive/breeding charts, BVD PCR test results and new cria medical records (if applicable) are provided with any alpaca you purchase.

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