Landmark Farm Alpacas

Ralph & Rachelle Bridges
1118 Landmark Church Rd
Grassy Creek, NC 28631
828-406-2437, 828-406-1780

Speed Bump 'Does This Make Me Irish?'

Globetrotter & Smudge
Just hours old!
Holly guarding her herd

NOTE: Farm visits by appointment only.

Landmark Farm Alpacas is located in Grassy Creek, NC in the heart of the High Country, known for its Frazier Fir Christmas trees, the beautiful New River, and Mt. Jefferson.

We purchased our first alpaca in 2008, then began clearing part of an 18-acre mountain parcel to start building our farm from scratch, project-by-project, and mostly long distance, while we still lived near Tallahassee, Florida.

During 3 years of trips back and forth, we transformed a forested tract of land into a beautiful farm in a park-like setting, with lush pastures and a Morton Buildings barn. We've noticed that our priorities are in sync with many other alpaca owners. Our alpacas live in the 'Paca Palace' while we are crammed into a 14x70 mobile home with two large companion dogs!

After Ralph's retirement in Oct. 2010, we made the move permanent to small-town mountain living. It's a joy raising our small herd in the idyllic setting of the Appalachian mountains. Through careful selection of breeding pairs, our goal is to produce alpacas with few health issues, and with fleece that is a step up in the most desirable characteristics with each generation. We are mindful that the quality of the alpacas we are breeding represents, in part, that of the "national herd."

At Landmark Farm, our first and highest priority will always be the health and contentment of each of our alpacas. In addition to optimal nutrition and vet care, our alpacas benefit from the clean air and cooler temperatures of our mountain elevation, and regular exercise on the gentle hills. Our herd size will always remain small enough so that we can provide hands-on, individual attention. Each is a cherished member of our family, as is our Anatolian Shepherd livestock guardian dog.

Our focus for our farm visitors is an introduction to these delightful fiber-producing animals, in a friendly, very low-key atmosphere. Visitors will find a very clean farm in an exquisite mountain setting! There will be no sales pitches here! If you are interested in buying alpacas, tell us, and then we will be happy to show you which ones we have for sale. We are blessed to have some of the most well-respected breeders in the industry as mentors. We are happy to answer any questions, and assure you that there are no dumb questions because we have already asked them!

We hope that our careful planning and experiences building our farm might be of assistance to others who may be thinking about owning alpacas. We can help you to keep in mind important considerations and offer some handy hints and ideas that could help you avoid setbacks and those pesky do-overs!

We always welcome phone calls and emails just to talk about alpacas! The farm is open year round by appointment. Come pull up a chair in the pasture with us, enjoy a glass of wine or iced tea, and visit for a spell!

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France

Join Us for Shop Small Saturday, Nov 25th!

Landmark Farm will be open ALL Thanksgiving weekend long, Nov. 24, 25 and 26, 11am to 4pm for holiday shopping!

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The farm's 2018 calendars with award-winning photos make great gifts for animal lovers!

We hope to see you, and please remember to support your small local businesses!