Alpacas at Crossroads Ranch

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Dave & Sandra Wallace
2950 Old Ford Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Photo by Sandra C Wallace '17;ll

Sandra & Dave
Accoyo America Satori
For Sale: Alpaca Chute - 275 lbs. Good working condition. $999 Contact us at 805-237-9640 or swalla


We will re-home as pairs at a minimum, up to the total number of alpacas on the list.

1. Challenger white 17 Sep 06 1363418 13565-9240 Accoyo/Peruvian
2. Cody white 09 Sep 07 31194952 15092-4620 Full brother to Challenger
3. Kibo white 15 Jun 08 15091-1683 Accoyo/Peruvian
4. Pizzaz white 10 Jun 09 15092-1365
5. Luther white 03 Oct 11 07555-1334 Accoyo/Peruvian
6. pending

Also, check out our alpaca chute, spinning wheel and floor loom for sale. 805-237-9640

Please contact us at 805-237-0640 with your interest. Full details and photos provided upon request.

Dave and Sandra Wallace
Alpacas at Crossroads Ranch
Paso Robles, CA


December 2017

We began our alpaca adventure in January 2000!

What an amazing experience it has been, rich in accomplishments and full of wonderful memories.

Over the years our successes have included participation in local to national shows, while establishing our award winning herd; holding events promoting alpacas, both near and far; engaging in agtourism, offering educational workshops, ranch visits and an onsite gift shop: community involvement with professional and governmental organizations; mentoring new alpaca owners; sharing life and critters with family and friends.

Now, eighteen years later, we must begin a new chapter and need the help of our community to accomplish this.

We’re offering the following list below of wonderful adult male alpacas as "our Holiday gift" at no cost during the month of December …with the agreement and understanding that our alpaca friends will be well cared for.