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Soft as velvet. Lovingly raised. Outstanding genetics.

Debbie Gorham & Bob Applegate
5602 NW Primino Ave.
Portland, OR 97229

"Rowan" - Dark Rose Grey - Sandoval X This is Ruthie!

Paris at 9 mos.
Road Warrior's Marla of VA
"Monroe" w/Manuelo's cria "Knox"

Alpacas are fiber animals and alpaca fiber is in a class of its own. There is nothing else like it. More rare than cashmere, it’s hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and sustainable. Alpaca fiber allows the body to “self-regulate” temperature. Breathable fibers wick away perspiration; it doesn’t absorb water. Soft and warm - natural fiber at its best.

We blend the fiber from both suri and huacaya alpacas to create elegant yarns. Alpaca fiber blended with other natural fiber like merino, angora, mohair and silk creates sensational yarns. Knitters, weavers and fiber artists delight in the beauty and hand of our well-designed alpaca blend yarns.

We offer you alpaca yarn, alpaca felted fabric, and alpaca hand-woven rugs.

Welcom to Velveteen Alpacas

We produce sensational yarn from both huacaya and suri alpaca fiber. The fiber was the big draw for us, along with the pleasant tempo and disposition of the animals. After nearly a decade of breeding suris and huacayas we are concentrating on producing and marketing alpaca yarn. We co-own a number of animals from our herd that live at other alpaca farms.

We've had yarn made each year from our herd's fiber. It's wonderful to blend the fiber with merino, silk, mohair or angora to create different looks, different weights for hand knitters and weavers. There's truly nothing quite like alpaca fiber.

In 2016 our yarn includes twists in lace weight and sport weight, using a small amount of colored merino. It is exquisite!