Ole Yankee Farm

Ole Yankee Farm
418 Lisbon Road
Canterbury, CT 06331

Ole Yankee Farm is located in the "last green valley" of Connecticut where a peaceful way of life and all things farming have been our focus for over 20 years!

We purchased this vintage homestead in 1998 and have been painstakingly restoring it ever sense. All of the lumber for the barns is locally sourced some small mills and the barns where built with our own hands. We are one of few farmers without even a tractor! That's right, its all done here by hand.

We began with horses and somehow along the line added Alpacas and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We raise chickens for farm fresh eggs, create yarn and rugs from our alpacas and soap from the goats. This year we are starting a garden and hope to try our hands at making fodder.

As shepherds to our different herds, we know each animal individually. We are diligent in their health care and know of all of their unique personalities. Our animals are shown and we are always "breeding up" to improve the quality genetics and diversity of our livestock! We love to show and have produced World, Nationals and Color Champions as well as offspring that have gone on to win titles and ribbons!

We thank you for checking us out on the web! Stay a while, browse the pics, and shoot us an email!

Welcome to our farm!

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