Rediscover Sanity....Back on the Farm

Jeff Mueller
438 N Gold Creek Loop
Hamilton, MT 59840

Princess, 4 months old, DOB: June 2, 2017AD

Prince, 4 months old; DOB: June 11, 2017AD

Alpacas are wonderful, unique creatures that bring a lot of joy. And, surprisingly, they have many traits that we can learn from. For example, their concern for each other when they feel endangered, as well as their strong family orientation. Also they are not pushy, (some are at mealtime) and don't like to be pushed.

Here in N. America there are few who can raise these animals for meat. They are simply too cute and fuzzy to think of putting in the stew pot. One does not name an animal without getting attached to it. These animals are actually cute, fiber-bearing pets. Oh, I don't mean they are like other pets. They are unique. Dogs are dogs. Cats are cats. And alpacas are alpacas. They look, sound, and act differently, which is exactly why people love them. They are something new. Something interesting. Something different and fun. Perhaps their most endearing mannerism is their amazing curiosity! If you are making changes inside their fence line, they definitely want to know what is going on!

Alpacas are very gentle and peaceful animals. Their plaintive "humming" will pull on your heart-strings. There is something very therapeutic and stress-relieving just being around them. It is a great pleasure just to feed them, talk to them, and watch them chew! And they cost less to feed than your average dog. And if that isn't enough, they also produce a soft, warm, oil-less fiber that has great value. So, if you have an acre or two, and want to enjoy the benefits that thousands of others have discovered in these pets, go for it!

At Alpacas4Pets, our goal is to not only breed and sell animals that produce warm, soft fiber, but to help stressed-out people realize that a more peaceful lifestyle can still be found, with these wondrous, gentle, interesting animals....Back on the Farm.

Welcome to Alpacas4Pets!

Alpacas4Pets is currently a small farm located 7 miles south of Hamilton, MT, toward the southern end of the Bitter Root Valley. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of colors to customers who are interested in enjoying these amazingly created animals as the beautiful, personable pets that they really are.