Rock Ridge Alpacas

Quality Set in Stone

Marsh and Wayne Oliver
229 Gibson Hill Rd.
Chester, NY 10918
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Welcome to our farm!

Please take note of our new,recession proof pricing which is (hopefully for our country) for a limited time, for our quality, huacayas.
Our package deals reflect these prices plus added savings!

Looking for a herdsire?
Special $500 per driveby breeding. Sign up now for next Spring too!!

Located on a ridge, literally of stone rocks and boulders, Wayne has carved out what can be described as an “Alpaca Park”,very reminiscent of their native lands. Just enough rock remains for the herdsires to play King of the Mountain, while others race across the bridge to open spaces. Sunlight dappled fields offer grazing, as mothers contentedly bask in the warmth and watch the cria at play.
Marsha watches over the herd, noting interactions, planning the next breeding, enjoying the games. Local citizens come by to see their favorites, sharing in the excitement of the latest births.
Come, join The Olivers at Rock Ridge Alpacas and experience a great way of life!

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