JRAM Alpacas, LLC

Ruthann McVicker
7309 184th St NW
Stanwood, WA 98292

RETIREMENT SALE. Every one of my mornings for the past 12 years has started the same……making a cup of tea and looking out the windows to check on the alpacas….to see them beginning to wake up and start their day; to see them staring at the house waiting for me to appear and feed them breakfast. During the daytime hours, I've been outside with them….just enjoying being with them……watching their interactions with each other, learning their “quirks”, birthing babies and watching the antics of the crias. And, at the end of each day, after putting out hay and filling water buckets, I've taken a last look out the windows before darkness falls, just to be sure they are all settled for the night. Watching the entire herd – old and young – pronking in the light of a full moon…..such joy!

For 9 of those years, I have been caregiver to the herd belonging to Alise and John Schmidt of Genesis Alpacas, taking care of the day-to-day chores for up to 50 alpacas and with Alise’s help, taking care of herd health, toenails and other projects that require extra hands. Earlier this year, Alise and John made the decision to sell their herd and they currently have them listed on AlpacaNation. It has been a wonderful partnership and we have shared both joys and sorrows in our time together.

It’s hard for me to imagine my life without my alpacas in it…..or the many wonderful people I have met along the way. My health is good…..and I believe it’s the alpacas who have kept me that way….but as I start my 72nd year on this earth, I find myself longing to do other things…..to spend more time with family…..to take life just a bit easier. And so it is with a deep sadness in my heart that I’ve made the decision to sell my herd and retire. I will miss these critters that have filled my life for so many years.

We breed for:
• healthy, vigorous alpacas with calm dispositions;
• males that have a strong libido and early maturity;
• females that are easy birthers, heavy milk producers and attentive mothers;
• Fine fleece, long staple length and heavy shear weights;
• Good conformation and heavy bone.

Farm Terms & Financing

Flexible financing terms. Multiple-purchase discounts, even when combining animals from Genesis Alpacas and JRAM Alpacas, LLC. Ask about pricing for the entire JRAM herd; includes halters, leads, feeding and husbandry equipment, etc.

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