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Green Cedar Ranch

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8102 143rd Ave NELake Stevens , WA 98258
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Mohali, Maralda, and Hoth

At Green Cedar Ranch the alpacas are the most adorable things in the world! They make a sweet humming noise every time we come to do chores. They love to be sprinkled with water when it is very hot in the summer. They also provide beautiful crias that roam in the green fealds with their mothers. They are a good natured creature. We enjoy caring for them every day. We have two studs that can be used in someone’s breeding program. They both have beautiful fiber and on of them has a amazing staple length.
Our Ranch always strives to improve our heard with knew and better animals that can brig joy to our Ranch. We are looking forward to meeting you and talking more about how our studs could improve your herd!

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