— The Openherd Team

Providence Meadow Farm

Alpacas, Bees & Chickens

Rick and Danise Palo
Foggy Meadow LaneSmithfield, PA 15478

Winter evenings

Hanging in the barn
Baby Mamas, 7 weeks into weaning, yay


7/7/19 mâle cria from Irish Meadow’s Shades of Silver and Heaven's Hill’s Sixtus Reign. Fastest growing cria, with the longest fleece. Geronimo is sweet tempered and independent. We will know more once we get him to a Spring show...

Excited about the New Year!

Getting back to work after the break, all of the alpacas enjoyed the extra attention. We had a good health check, where we weigh, vaccinate and give vitamins. We walked them around and worked with the babies in halter. Went better than last month, or maybe we were just relaxed?
Starting to think about Spring shows, especially for Geronimo. He’s a really good boy but we aren’t going to start a separate male pen this year...check him out.
Blessings to all, hope your 20s are roaring!