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3/7/2011 11:25:09 AM Permalink | |
Posts 24
I would love to be able to filter my search request to only those that have histograms loaded.


Deepstep Creek Alpacas
Deepstep, GA
3/17/2011 7:54:43 PM Permalink | |
Posts 4
It would be nice to sort searches by histogram...I know, that's probably way out there, but it's another idea!!
Rockford Bay Ranch
3/27/2011 6:20:53 PM Permalink | |
Posts 24
Is there somewhere else that suggestions should be posted? I'd love to know if this idea is being considered.


Deepstep Creek Alpacas
Deepstep, GA
3/29/2011 5:59:37 PM Permalink | |
Posts 60
We will be updating our search pages soon and this is a very good idea and a good place to make suggestions. You can also email with suggestions.

Joe Preston
5/13/2011 6:07:12 PM Permalink | |
Posts 1
I would be interested in the ability to search for a particular bloodline or Herdsire (as is available on another site in an "advanced search").

Kismet Acres Farm
5/30/2011 1:18:42 PM Permalink | |
chimera ranch
Posts 6
many of these concepts for searching are aligned with the EPD concepts. Clearly a search technique to help us find alpacas that are effectively aligned with our breeding program goals and aspirations. Fineness, SD, Geneology, etc; A great idea, but truly depending on the accuracy and currency of the data available for searching.
10/15/2011 9:12:49 PM Permalink | |
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I would love to be able to search for alpacas that have fiber sorting records. While this is relatively new to our industry, it is gaining popularity FAST!


Marcee L. Stephenson
Criation Station Alpaca Farm
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