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Can you share you experience with urinary tract blockage? I have a 6 month old male who has been straining over the poop pile. On Saturday we saw a stream of pee which was great but other than that it's been dribbles if anything. The catch and urine sample showed no infection, some blood and a pH of 8. We are treating with 5 days of penicillin, and daily syringes of a mixture of ammonium chloride, warm water and honey orally of course. I would love to hear other suggestions/ideas on this problem.
Thank you, Diane Beauchner, Shepherd Hills Alpacas
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promised land alpacas
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I think you are on the right track. The one thing I would add is do anything you can to increase water intake. Bringing out really warm water from the house is a good thing. the automatic waters keep the water from freezing, but the alpacas seem to appreciate it if you top up the bucket with a teakettle of HOT water. You might also offer water with and without electrolytes and see which he likes better.


Dr. Ruthanne
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