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We have recently weened our 7 month old alpaca male. He has never been interested in grain and is still not eating it after 2 weeks away from mom. Do you thing we have anything to worry about?
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katy holland
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We had the same problem with our 7 month old cria. The dam was losing weight trying to support herself and the cria. We weaned her and hoped she would start eating grain, but it didnt happen. Everone says if you have quality hay not to worry. We did have good hay but it wasent enough for her. After 4 days of her not eating we mixed alfalfa pellets, Calf Manna and Sheep milk replacer together. We ran it through the food processor until it was able to be sucked up in a large syringe. We fed this to her morning and night (only 2 syringes at a time). On the second day I fed the other cria she was with and my stubborn girl was fighting for the grain. She has been eating ever since. Weanig did set her back a bit but she is making up for it now. Good luck!
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