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ammonium chloride for renal issues

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I have a young male that I found straining at the poop pile. He was obviously having issues urinating so I went to the alpaca manual and it says most probably blockage from stones, but doesn't have any treatment shown. I called my ver who
also checked both of his manuals. Since I discovered he was not totally blocked, he was dribbling, we decided to try the course of action that he uses on goats. I have been giving him twice daily shots of dexamethasone (sp?) and banamine, as well as 1tsp twice daily of ammonium chloride diluted. He also received a shot of exceed antibiotics. Two whole days later it does seem to be better, but my worries are continuing with the ammonium chloride as I don't know what effect it will have in continued dosing. Does anyone have any ideas about it's use in alpacas? I appreciate any help!
Kim Holland
Angel Heart Ranch
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