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4/2/2012 8:55:21 AM
Water All our alpaca's fleece is tearing apart. We traced it to our well water. Lab tests showed Sulfates at 241 ppm, Nitrates at 37 ppm. According to the person we spoke with at the lab, this is tying up the alpaca’s ability to take on the minerals they need. We met with a man from Culligan and were told that we could get a water softening system that would remove the sulfates and nitrates but replace them with sodium at a 1:1 ratio. Will the sodium now create a problem? For alpacas, how much is too much? Sodium currently in the water tested at 25ppm.
As a temporary measure, we switched the alpacas to filtered rainwater from our rainwater collection system. Now we are trying to decide by using the hay test results, grain labels, and very rusty High School science, the mineral supplements we should buy. Should we use different minerals depending upon which water we are using? What do you recommend? Thank you!!!
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