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DAFI Alpacas

First and Foremost in Maryland

Tilly and Kate Dorsey
15906 Trenton RdUpperco, MD 21155

About DAFI

About DAFI Alpacas...What's in a Name?

DAFI - a rather silly sounding name. Those who are not too embarrassed, ask us "What does it mean? What does it stand for?" DAFI actually stands for Dorsey Animal and Fiber Industries. This full title does announce the scope and intentions of our endeavor. Dorsey of course refers to our family (Tilly, Kate and Lucas); Animal allows for the alpacas and any other livestock we might consider raising for profit on the farm; Fiber permits us to include the options of selling raw and blended fleeces and finished products. To us, however, Industry is the most telling word in the DAFI name. Not only does industry mean an "aggregate of manufacturing... any general business activity", it also means "assiduous activity at any work or task; diligence."

At DAFI, we are constant in our efforts to breed alpacas with exceptional fiber and excellent conformation; we persevere in our efforts to improve each generation; we are diligent in our herd management and devoted to providing the best of care for all our alpacas; we are attentive to our clients needs and concerns.

Ok, if we are so serious about breeding alpacas, why do we shorten our name to DAFI? Well, take a look at the alpacas. Be honest. They look like something from Dr. Seuss especially when they are shorn. They are cute, cuddly and silly looking. They brighten our lives and make us smile. DAFI somehow just seemed to fit the business.

So please remember - our name may sound silly, but we are serious about breeding alpacas!

A Family Operation

DAFI is a mother-daughter operation. Started by Tilly Dorsey in 1993, her daughter Kate has been attending conferences, seminars and shows with her mother for the past 12 years. Kate has been actively showing alpacas since she was a junior, and is now nationally recognized for her show ring presence. Now that she has graduated from college and begun collecting her own "herd", Kate is a co-owner of DAFI, assisting with the day to day aspects of the business and helping to make many of the executive decisions. Kate is truly a second generation alpaca breeder. DAFI is highly respected and is a strong presence in the alpaca community. They look forward to the future of the business as they continue to breed for the highest quality animals and provide extensive customer care backed by years of experience.