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Imagine what YOU could do with Embryo Transfer


As in the proverbial question:  “What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?”  --What would you do if you could do ET?  I know exactly what I would do….

Sometimes you have a jewel in your herd and you may never even realize it.  It took me a long time to clearly see my best female and recognize her value.  This girl is Valedar’s Parfait.  She will be 11 years old this year.  She has produced some nice cria.  But until I started looking at EPD’s, I didn’t realize just how nice.  As time has gone by, she has proven herself to not only have persistent fineness, but to consistently produce it in her offspring.  At 10 years of age, her average micron is 20.  Here are her EPD’s:

Valedar’s Parfait


Trait        Value      Accuracy     % Rank

AFD        -2.641      0.462        better than top 1%

SDAFD    -0.39        0.485         top 2%

SF           -2.64        0.514        better than top 1%

%F>30     -9.875      0.516         better than top 1%

MC          5.4          0.446        better than top 1%  

%M         -4.037      0.386         top 1-2%

MSL        -2.12        0.369         <90%

FW         -0.049      0.285        <90%

Here are the EPD’s of 3 of her offspring that I still own: 

All are out of different herd sires.

  1. TP Altiplano Gold’s Meringue Kiss   (Date of Birth:  5/12/2009)
  2. TP Matrix Jubilee  (Date of Birth:  10/23/2010)
  3. TP Snowmass Touche’s  Eclaire  (Date of Birth:  11/7/2011)
  4. TP Poseidon Motivator’s Tiramisu (Date of Birth:  11/3/2012)  No EPD’s yet

 TP Altiplano  Gold’s Meringue Kiss  (2009 Valedar’s  Parfait cria)


Trait       Value      Accuracy       % Rank

AFD       -1.596      0.414        top 3%

SDAFD   -0.541      0.429        top 1-2%

SF          -1.661      0.445       top 2%

%F>30    -5.901     0.437         top 4-5%

MC          1.336     0.405        top 15-20%   

%M         -3.115     0.353        top 15-20%

MSL         4.313     0.333        top 1%

FW         0.42        0.267        top 5-10%

TP Matrix  Jubilee  (2010 Valedar’s Parfait cria)


Trait       Value      Accuracy       % Rank

AFD        -2.672      0.35            better than top 1%

SDAFD    -0.502      0.353           top 1%

SF           -2.614     0.36            better than top 1%

%F>30     -10.523    0.345           better than top 1%

MC           6.472     0.35             better than top 1%

%M          -4.681     0.309           top 1%

MSL         -2.748     0.296           90%

FW           0.24      0.229           top 15-20%

TP Snowmass Touche’s Eclaire  (2011 Valedar’s Parfait cria)


Trait        Value      Accuracy      % Rank

AFD         -2.147      0.187          better than top 1%

SDAFD     -0.429      0.193           top 2-3%

SF           -2.179      0.2              better than top 1%

%F>30      -8.472      0.201           top 1%

MC           4.718      0.183           better than top 1%

%M          -2.395      0.162           top 5-10%

MSL         -0.9         0.156          top 20-25%

FW           0.281      0.127          top 15-20%

In addition to these remarkable EPD’s, Valedar’s Parfait also has excellent conformation with an excellent bite.  She has been a great mom and her cria have all gained weight well.  And she maintains her weight while nursing fairly well.  She and her daughters are exactly the kind of females that could be used just as we would any stud male.  That is, if we could do Embryo Transfer.  But…we can’t.  At least, we can’t if we want to register the cria under the current registry rules.

Given those constraints, the best I can do is keep those valuable females in my breeding program, and sell breedings to their equally fabulous brother, TP Matrix Jubilee…and possibly in the future to TP Poseidon’s Motivator’s Tiramisu.  On the other hand, if we could use Embryo Transfer, I could generously sell both male and female offspring out of Valedar’s Parfait.  This would benefit my clients tremendously and the breed as a whole.  Just imagine….