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Old West Charm Midwest Farm

Phil & Connie Fisher
5841 Secord Lake Rd.Dryden, MI 48428
248 736 5738

Farm Country Day Tours

2020 Event Guide

There is a lot of talk these days about sustainability and embracing a more eco-friendly approach to living. People are increasingly interested in who is growing the food we eat and the clothes we wear and the process that goes into it.

Experience the power of purchasing in your local economy--the things made and grown right here in Michigan from the small businesses in and around the M53 corridor.

FORT FISHER would love the opportunity to share our passion for the Suri alpaca and the silky, soft products made from the fiber they grow.

So---choose a day from the weekend festival dates listed, bring your friends and family along, follow the map, and have a fun-filled day in the country!

Hope to see YOU at the FORT!