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It was no less than a high-wire act at the 2012 AOBA National Auction, but I understand, “All’s Well That Ends Well”. And, the Revolution sale as Lot # 7, ended well for us, as the proud owners of Revolution!

The purchase price was $65,000 cash.

Welcome to Virginia Breeze Alpacas, Revolution!

Revolution at Auction

So, why were we willing to pay so much for Revolution? For starters, he’s got an incredible portfolio that is filled with:
  1. Terrific photos of his fleece and frame = good marketing materials.
  2. An award sheet as long as one’s arm winning championship after championship, year after year for FIVE years in a row. In fact, when he won his 17th championship (the Grey Male Color Champion at 2010 Level V North American) his daughter was in the ring next to him and won Grey Female Color Champion! = incredible marketing materials.
  3. Photos of his numerous award winning cria = proof that he can truly deliver the goods and receive…
  4. Accolades from clients who have breed their females to him.
  5. A terrific employment history and he’s still getting lots of bookings for breedings.

"Someone once asked me what makes a great grey breeding program. A.L. Paca’s revolution make a fantastic addition to any breeding program. One would normally think that this would equate to the quality of the grey offspring being produced. But, grey is a niche color (indeed highly sought after and high value for sure) but grey to grey breedings don’t guarantee a grey cria (like black to black = black) and solids (blacks, browns, fawns) often are produced out of a grey parent. Solids are typically more competitive colors than the greys so the quality of a solid has to be very high indeed to achieve winnings and recognition.

“This is not to say that it does not feel terrific to win a grey championship (winning our 115th grey championship at 2012 MAPACA felt just as good as winning our first one). But, when you are facing big competition (lots of other high quality alpacas competing against you) you are more than likely to be in a solid class and to us, winning a black, brown or fawn championship means even more as the competition is tougher.

“So, back to the question about what makes a great grey breeding program. My answer would be having greys which not only produce championship quality greys, but when they produce a solid color the quality is still so great that this solid can champion over the solids produced out of other solids. Therefore, a grey male (or female) that I would want to purchase, is one that no mater what the color or pattern of the offspring produced, the cria is still going to be a winner. Hence, I don’t have to hope that the offspring is grey, and won’t have to worry I’ll feel disappointed when it isn’t.

“Now to wrap this up – Solid Crias off of a Grey Parent…

“At the 2011 MAPACA Show, Revolution had to compete against some very difficult competition to win the Senior Herdsire of the Year award. In fact the runner up (by just 1/2 of a point) was our highly decorated white stud, Sheer Galaxy. Revolution won the trophy as he had sired…

    The Grey Female Champion (1st of 35)

    The Black Color Champion Fleece (1st of 16)

    The Black Male Color Champion (1st of 47)

    The Fawn Male Color Champion (1st of 68)

Revolution has proven that when he sires a solid, the solid can go on to best all of the other solids; a winner no matter what the color. A.L. Paca’s

Now, do you really wonder why we want Revolution in our breeding program..?

Revolution wins Senior Herd Sire of the Year!

The 2011 MaPaca (Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Association) Jubilee is one of our country’s largest shows with over 1,000 alpacas entered. This Level V show held their second “Herd Sire of the Year” competition. There were 20 champion sires entered into two categories:

  • Senior (males greater than 5 years of age) and,
  • Junior (males 5 years of age and younger).

The winner of the competition was to be determined by:
  1. Placement of the sire’s offspring at the show,
  2. Amount of money bid on a drive-by breeding to the sire, and
  3. Voting for favorite stud by breeders in attendance.

While at the MaPaca show, we thought Revolution stood a good chance of making a run for the award as:

  • His crias did extremely well in the show ring, winning 4 Color Championships (Black Color Champion Halter, Black Color Champion Fleece, Fawn Male Color Champion Halter, and Grey Female Color Champion Halter).
  • He received the third highest bid for a breeding: $2,200, which is 88% of his standard fee. Sheer Galaxy was the highest seller at $3,050 (87% of his standard fee).

Turns out Revolution was the top stud and was awarded MAPACA SENIOR HERD SIRE OF THE YEAR. Way to go Revolution!


Revolution crias win big at 2011 Spring Shows

2011 AOBA National Show (Level V)

2011 PAOBA Breeder’s Showcase (Level IV) (our farm was not present)

  • Brown Male Reserve Color Champion: Bayshore’s Nikon
  • Fawn Male Color Champion Halter: Revolution's Grayson

2011 Northeast Alpaca Expo (Level IV)

2011 MAPACA Eastern Alpaca Jubilee (Level V)

2011 Virginia Classic (our farm was not present)

2011 Southern Select (our farm was not present)

2011 Carolina Alpaca Celebration (Level IV)


Revolution Daughter Sells for $46,000!

The High Seller at the 2010 AOBA National Auction was 3-time Champion A.L. Paca’s Revlon. This beautiful rose-grey female was our first cria sired by A.L. Paca’s Revolution. Read more about A.L. Paca’s Revlon. 

Revolution is the winner of (well, let’s just say he’s done pretty well)…

2010 (Fifth Year in Show Ring)

1st Place & Color Champion, 2010 North American Alpaca Show (Level V, ~43 grey males, Diana Timmerman).

A few interesting notes about this extremely competitive, Level V show:

  • We accomplished one of our biggest (and toughest) show ring goals at 2010 North American. This was to have one of our studs win Color Champion AND one of his offspring win Color Champion at the same show. Goal Achieved – and at a Level V show no less! A.L. Paca’s Revlon won Grey Female Color Champion. Photos of Revolution and Revlon with their Color Champion photos posted here.
  • Revolution himself was still Color Champion quality just almost 5 years of age. He has now been awarded Color Championships from 2006 through 2010, a total of 5 consecutive years.
  • The other Revolution offspring at the show placed in the top of their classes. A rose grey male placed second, Revolution's Grayson placed 3rd and IF Santiago placed 3rd.

2009 (Fourth Year)

1st Place & Color Champion, 2009 PAOBA Breeder’s Showcase (Level IV, 34 grey males, Jill MacLeod).

1st Place & Color Champion, 2009 Carolina Alpaca Celebration (Level IV, 33 grey males, Diana Timmerman).

2008 (Third Year)

1st Place & Color Champion, 2008 PAOBA Breeder’s Showcase (Level V, 51 grey males, Diana Timmerman)

1st Place & Color Champion, 2008 North American Alpaca Show (Level V, 40 grey males, Charlene Friedman)

1st Place, 2008 Carolina Alpaca Celebration Fleece Show.

2007 (Second Year)

1st Place & Color Champion, 2007 NY Empire Alpaca Extravaganza (Level V, 35 grey males, Diana Timmerman)

1st Place & Color Champion, 2007 Big E (Level II, 19 grey males, Wade Gease)

1st Place & Color Champion, 2007 PAOBA Breeder’s Showcase (Level IV, 35 grey males, Tim Lavan)

1st Place/15, 2007 North American (Level V, Kristin Buhrmann)
Also, 2nd/9 in Bred and Owned Yearling Dark Male (Amanda VandenBosch).

1st Place & Reserve Color Champion, 2007 Maryland (Sharon Loner, non-AOBA certified)

2006 (First Year)

1st Place & Color Champion, 2006 Ohio AlpacaFest (Level V, 49 grey males, Wade Gease)

Also, 2nd/10 in Bred and Owned Yearling Dark Male, and 1st in Breeder’s Best Group of Three.

1st Place & Color Champion, 2006 Virginia Alpaca Owners & Breeders VAOBA (Level III, 29 grey males, Tim Lavan)

Also, 2nd/6 in Bred and Owned Yearling Male and 1st in Breeder’s Best Group of Three.

1st Place & Reserve Color Champion, 2006 MFI Customer Appreciation Futurity (non-AOBA certified).

1st Place & Color Champion, 2006 Big E (Level II, 12 grey males, Wade Gease).

Also 2nd in Bred and Owned Yearling Male (1st was A.L. Paca’s Copper Top),

and 1st in Breeder’s Best Group of Three.

1st Place & Color Champion, 2006 Southeastern Pennsylvania Alpaca Show SEPA (Level III, 20 grey males, Tim Lavan)

1st Place/12, 2006 AOBA National Show (Level V, Jude Anderson)

1st Place & Color Champion, 2006 PAOBA Breeder’s Showcase (Level IV, 33 grey males, Wade Gease)

2nd Place & Reserve Color Champion, 2006 MAPACA Eastern Alpaca Jubilee (Level V, 71 grey males!!!, Wade Gease)

1st Place/11, 2006 North American (Level V, Mike Safley). Comments: beautiful fleece, cauliflower / popcorn fleece, kind of alpaca when born wish it was a male, reminds of larger grey female shown yesterday – both have excellent fleeces, very typey – nice to see in a grey. (The larger grey female Mike was referring to was A.L. Paca’s Rose to the Occasion). 

1st Place & Color Champion, 2006 Southern Select (Level III, 36 grey males, Amanda VandenBosch). The was his first show at just 8 months of age. Comments: When did grey’s get as nice as lights?
Revolution’s fleece has been repeatedly noted to exhibit significant density with excellent consistency from top knot to hip and a very soft hand. The fleece has a high frequency, deeply corrugated crimp style. In addition to his density, his other most significant fleece quality is his brightness as the fleece just about sparkles.

His show career has been stellar! Even before 11 months of age he had already won 3 color championships. Now at nearly five years of age, the handle to his fleece remains soft and his brightness still exemplary so we expect to see him continuing to do well in the ring before he is finally retired to our stud pen.

We believed that Revolution was to become one of the most pre-potent grey males around, and his progeny are in the process of proving this true. We specifically selected Revolution’s sire based on his well regarded reliability. Snowmass Casanova won the coveted Futurity Herd Sire of the Year due to the consistent quality of his get. Then, in a following year, one of his sons, Snowmass Nova, followed in the footsteps of his father and similarly won Futurity Herd Sire of the Year. Revolution’s dam, 4-time Color Champion, A.L. Paca’s Adora Mora Yu, is out of our most pre-potent colored blood lines. Adora and her mother, DFA Coco have produced one champion winning cria after another for us.


  • Peruvian Bueno G173 (Rural Alianza, White, 117889)
  • Snowmass Peruvian Casanova (USA, Med Rose Gray/White, 169027)
    2003 Futurity Herd Sire of the Year
  • Peruvian Angelique W807 (Rural Alianza, White, 118051)
A.L. Paca’s Revolution (USA, Medium Silver Grey, 1373028)
17-time Champion (14C/3R).



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