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Color: Natural Alpaca, Dyed Alpaca

Alpaca Braided Bracelet

Price: $14.75

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Lovely handmade "Paititi" Peruvian Fair-Trade Bracelets.

May also be worn as an anklet, necklace.

Size: 35 to 36 inches long.

Colors: Natural and Dyed

Handcrafted in Paititi, Peru

Paititi is a legendary Inca lost city or utopian rich land. It allegedly lies east of the Andes, hidden somewhere within the remote rainforests of southeast Peru, northern Bolivia or southwest Brazil. The Paititi legend in Peru revolves around the story of the culture-hero Inkarri, who, after he had founded Q'ero and Cusco, retreated toward the jungles of Pantiacolla to live out the rest of his days in his refuge city of Paititi. Other versions of the legend see Paititi as an Inca refuge in the border area between Bolivia and Brazil.

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