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Product Options

Size: 60" square
Color: a variety of colors and types of fabric and alpaca fiber
beige alpaca and chiffon

brown alpaca and chiffon with bobbles and attached scarf

yellow chiffon with purple and black alpaca

Frothy, light warmth

Collared Ponchos

Price: $170.00

Shipping & Handling

Product Specs

  • Most ponchos start at least 60" square. The designs (i.e. amount of fiber used) will directly affect the amount of shrinkage in the finished product. Usually it's a few inches per side.
  • They are very easy to care for - for basic cleaning you can swish the garment in water (with or without soap) and then spin it out in the washer (rinse first if soap was used). You can air dry it or use the air dry setting on your dryer. Because of the fabric these can be hung on hangars - prefereably no

Product Description

This is part of my new line of collared ponchos - until I get my techique refined and reproducible I'm using synthetic fabrics instead of my silks. These ponchos have the collar felted in place as well as the edges being sealed via the felting process. If you prefer a different color of fabric and/or fiber let me know. I also use heavy muslin, called osnaburg, for a heavier garment (see the beige and dark brown poncho).

Order & Payment

Order by Phone: 425/788-2296