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this 6 month old found the water in less than 2 minutes

NO more Toe dunking!

Wet Toes -NO- More

Sold By The AlpacaRosa   |  Email Us
Price: $65.00

Shipping & Handling

$12 shipping

Product Specs

  • The AlpacaRosa has been using this design for 10 years preventing toe dunkers from contaminating the water with parasites .......and it WORKS perfectly!!!!
  • Place it anywhere, but preferably next to a fence so that you can attach Snaps from the Fence to the Cover to prevent tipping over. Dont allow your alpacas to fill your herds water supply with parasites summer!!!!
  • attachment includes custom fastners and cover.

Product Description

You can buy this TWO ways shipped Attached to bucket $55
or Attachment ONLY......attachment only is $40

Order & Payment

Order by Phone: 330-618-9769