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Supplies Plus On Site Consultation

Complete Start Up Package

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Service Description

For those hoping to get into raising alpacas as a business, here's a start up package designed to let you purchase all of your startup materials in one place and for one inclusive price. Guaranteed you won't be able to put together this package by yourself at this cost. Here's just some of what you'll receive:

Medications and Supplies--all of the essential ones to get you started and written recommendations

Clean up equipment--having evaluated many products over the years, you'll receive our favorites plus a few modifications we've made along the way

Feed, Minerals and Hay--top quality with complete analysis plus recommendations for continued management on your farm

General Supplies--things you would never think of but that we've found indispensable

All of this delivered to your farm. Included will be consultation to set up your farm including written recommendations for fencing and shelter. Contact me for a complete listing of all supplies.

For alpaca sale clients.