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New: High Calf Boot Socks and Low Pro Ankle Socks!

All McPacas products are crafted from locally raised alpaca fiber, and manufactured in the Northeastern United States.

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Why Alpaca?

It's warm, yet lightweight. The same product can be perfect for those cool summer nights as well as those tough winter days. The reason alpaca fiber is so warm is due to the fact it contains microscopic air pockets that provides thermal insulation, and it breathes, keeping sweat, odor, and overheating at bay.

It's hypo-allergenic. Most people with a sensitivity to wool do not react to alpaca.

It's green – not only is this material sustainable but it is also an eco-friendly resource. It doesn't contain harmful chemical toxins that are often found in synthetic and non-organic clothing.

Alpacas come in a wide variety of colors, with the most popular colors on our farm being fawn, light brown, dark brown and white.

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