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Creating the Total Package, One Cria at a Time

Laurie McCallum and Dillon Hoffman
69401 Goodrich RdSisters, OR 97759

Huacaya Bred Female

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Amber Autumn IvoryBeigeUnproven3 
 Crescent Moon's Accoyo Calla LilyWhiteProven8$12,500 
 H2R AllegraLight BrownUnproven3 
 H2R Angel's DreamMedium Fawn, Dark FawnProven5$8,000 
 H2R Angel's EnvyMedium BrownUnproven4 
 H2R Awe-YeahLight FawnUnproven4 
 H2R Black OpalTrue BlackProven4 
 H2R EmeliaDark FawnProven5$12,000 
 H2R Infinit VelvetDark BrownUnproven2 
 H2R JuneBugMedium FawnProven7$12,500 
 H2R Luna EclipseDark FawnProven5 
 H2R Majestic Velvet Unproven2 
 H2R SerandipityWhiteProven3 
 H2R SeraphinaWhiteProven7 
 H2R Serenity MoonbeamWhiteProven6 
 H2R Shasta DaisyLight FawnProven5$10,000 
 H2R TeakerWhiteUnproven2$7,500 
 H2R Too Hot To TouchMedium BrownProven3 
 H2R ValeriaMedium FawnUnproven25 
 H2R Velvet KissLight FawnUnproven4$8,500 
 H2R Velvet Love StruckDark FawnProven3 
 H2R Velvet QueenLight FawnUnproven3 
 H2R Velvet SerenityMedium FawnProven3 
 H2R Velvet TroubleTrue BlackUnproven2 
 H2R VelveTikiBeigeProven5$8,000 
 H2R Vera VelvetWhiteProven3 
 Majestic Meadows AwethumLight BrownProven7 
 Majestic's SashaMedium FawnProven5 
 Patagonia's TitaDark FawnProven10 
 Snowmass AlmandineDark FawnProven9$12,500 
 Snowmass Blissfull RoseWhiteProven10 
 Snowmass Destiny DreamsDark BrownUnproven2 
 Snowmass Everlasting WhispersLight BrownProven5 
 Snowmass Infinit PassionLight FawnProven9 
 Snowmass Maluaka's MagicLight BrownProven9 
 Snowmass Parisian Sunset XXLight BrownProven3 
 Snowmass Pure GraceLight BrownProven9 
 Snowmass Scarlet VelvetDark FawnProven7 
 Snowmass Serenity SunbeamBeigeProven12 
 Snowmass Silky SplendorLight BrownProven6 
 Snowmass Summer Sunset XXLight BrownProven- 
 Snowmass Touch of RoyaltyDark FawnProven7 
 Snowmass Velvet LaceDark FawnProven6 
 Snowmass Vendetta XXDark FawnUnproven2 
 TGF LynneaMedium FawnProven10 
 TGF RiikkaWhiteProven11 
 TGF SevanaWhiteProven8$9,000 
 Xanadu SmittenMedium FawnProven6 

Huacaya Open Female

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 BlueGenes' Licketty SplitMedium Silver GreyProven12 
 H2R 38's Special EditionMedium BrownProven8$6,000 
 H2R AmritaDark FawnUnproven1 
 H2R Angel's VictoriaMedium FawnUnproven1 
 H2R Everlasting FantasyMedium FawnUnproven<1 
 H2R Everlasting GagaDark FawnUnproven<1 
 H2R Everlasting JadeDark BrownUnproven<1 
 H2R Hot TamaleMedium FawnUnproven<1 
 H2R Lunar HaloDark FawnUnproven1 
 H2R Lunar SoleilMedium FawnUnproven<1 
 H2R LyraLight BrownUnproven4$4,000 
 H2R MaleekaBay BlackUnproven13 
 H2R SassyPants Unproven<1 
 H2R Sweet DreamsMedium BrownUnproven1 
 H2R TallahasseeMedium BrownProven4$5,000 
 H2R ValaceyLight FawnUnproven<1 
 H2R ValenciaWhiteUnproven1 
 H2R ValentinaWhiteUnproven1 
 MFI Shades of MidnightMedium Silver GreyProven9$6,000 
 Red Granites SugarDark FawnProven4 
 Snowmass Ambrosian Angel XXMedium FawnProven11 
 Snowmass Charmed TeardropMedium FawnProven5 
 Snowmass Golden LaurelDark FawnProven9 

Huacaya Male

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 38's Totem NSMedium BrownProven9$15,000 
 H2R AlexanderWhiteUnproven4$500 
 H2R Bombay RoyaleLight BrownUnproven<1 
 H2R BossanovaLight FawnUnproven4$10,000 
 H2R HossenpfefferMedium FawnUnproven5 
 H2R MandrakeWhiteUnproven3$500 
 H2R Motown BluesLight FawnUnproven2 
 H2R Nobel BishopWhiteNon-Breeder7$500 
 H2R Royale OrbisonLight BrownNon-Breeder5$500 
 H2R Sterlyn RoseMedium Rose GreyUnproven7$12,500 
 H2R Tito BanditoMedium FawnUnproven3 
 H2R ValentinoMedium FawnUnproven<1 
 H2R ValerianWhiteProven6 
 H2R Velvet SpecialMedium BrownUnproven4$8,000 
 H2R Velvet Touch DownBeigeUnproven3 
 Snow Diamond AbsintheMedium FawnUnproven3 
 Snowmass Port SmokeLight BrownUnproven3 
 Snowmass Silk Ventures Unproven3 
 Snowmass Velvet ToucheLight BrownProven11