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Macpaca Farms

A Full Service Farm for Family and Fineness

Ben & Kristi McCallister
25286 Magnolia Brook WayMiddleton, ID 83644
(Ben's Cell) (208) 440-4350
(Kristi's Cell) (208)440-4348

Sold Huacaya

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 AugustinaMedium Brown 9Sold 
 Avenger's Accoyo Royal RosaLight FawnFull PeruvianProven11Sold 
 Challenger's Ebony GoldDark BrownProven10Sold 
 Gem State's CinnarunLight FawnProven11Sold 
 Holly Pikake (Pookie)White3/4 PeruvianProven9Sold 
 Keiki LaniLight BrownProven10Sold 
 Macpaca's AlynnaMedium BrownUnproven5Sold 
 Macpaca's CocoMedium BrownUnproven2Sold 
 Macpaca's HavalaDark FawnUnproven2Sold 
 Macpaca's NavaraDark BrownUnproven4Sold 
 Macpaca's Night LightWhiteUnproven5Sold 
 Macpaca's ParadoxLight FawnUnproven1Sold 
 Macpaca's PrestinaDark FawnUnproven2Sold 
 Macpaca's PrimroseMedium Rose GreyUnproven2Sold 
 Macpaca's ReckonerWhiteUnproven3Sold 
 Macpaca's RenegadeMedium FawnNon-Breeder4Sold 
 Macpaca's RiddlerMedium BrownNon-Breeder4Sold 
 Macpaca's Running SambaLight BrownProven5Sold 
 Macpaca's SandstormLight FawnUnproven<1Sold 
 Macpaca's SaretzaMedium BrownUnproven3Sold 
 Macpaca's ShinavarMedium Silver Grey, Medium Rose GreyUnproven1Sold 
 Macpaca's Silver CypherMedium Silver GreyUnproven4Sold 
 Macpaca's SyndicateMedium Rose GreyUnproven1Sold 
 Macpaca's ThunderclastBay BlackUnproven3Sold 
 Macpaca's TorridDark BrownUnproven1Sold 
 MFI Midnight in the GardensTrue BlackProven8Sold 
 Rockford Arctic MistWhite, Light FawnProven9Sold 
 Rockford Arctic RubyWhite, Light FawnUnproven8Sold 
 Rockford Dusty SardonyxWhite, Light Silver Grey, Light Rose GreyUnproven7Sold 
 Rockford Hemmingway's RuthWhite, Bay BlackProven6Sold 
 Rockford Snow-AngelWhiteProven11Sold 
 RR Law ManTrue BlackUnproven4Sold 
 SeraphinMedium Rose GreyProven5Sold 
 Shadow Ridge JettaBay BlackProven8Sold 
 SolaceMedium Fawn3/4 PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 Storm LightWhite, Light Fawn 6Sold 
 Sweet Pines Dulce de LecheMedium BrownProven9Sold 
 Treasure Valley's PrimaveraDark Fawn1/2 PeruvianProven14Sold 
 TrebiconWhite, Medium Silver GreyProven6Sold 
 Winter SurpriseMedium BrownProven10Sold 
 Zion's Accoyo Light WeaverWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Zion's RiptideWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven6Sold