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Where you can get any color alpaca you want as long as it is black.

Margery and Michael A. Morack
W237S4344 Big Bend RoadWaukesha, WI 53189-7965
alpaca for sale
alpaca for sale alpaca for sale alpaca for sale

Fiber/Scientific Data

5-6-2018 69 monthsAFD=25 SD=5.1 CV=20.5 CF=86.1 Staple=80mm [Watt]
5-9-2015 33 monthAFD=19.39 SD=4.16 CV=21.45 Staple=110
5-7-2014 21 monthAFD=18.5 SD=4.7 SF=18.8 %>30=2.6 Staple=109.2
5-7-2013 9 monthAFD=19.85 SD=4.8 SF=19.9 %>30=3.83 Staple=118.6

33 month AFD=19.39 SD=4.16 Staple=110mm

MAMGB Iglaspa [Ig-Las'-pah] "Bustin' Out"

Huacaya, Male, Proven | True Black

ARI# 32217049   D.O.B. 8/14/2012 (6 yrs)

Patagonia's Mondavi 

Took herd density 5 to 8 gross clip avg!

Patagonia's Mondavi

Huacaya, Male, Proven, True Black
ARI# 30405943 | DOB: 10/2/2005
Mondavi's sire, Patagonia's Neruda a Shackleton son, carries not only the black genetics we sought but unique phenotypic qualities seen in few Alpacas. Mondavi's dam, Patagonia's Chic brought Caballero Andante with strong black genetics.

2009 Raven Night.... ..AFD=21.86...SD=4.82 TB @ 19 months.
2010 Matahota..........AFD=20.3,...SD=4.5 DB @ 23 months.
2010 Iohitika............AFD=23.4.....SD=4.5 TB @ 60 months.
2010 Iyota Sapa.........AFD=25.8....SD=4....
| ARI# 30405943  | True Black 

Laurel Ridge Momilani 

Pedigree, density, handle.

Laurel Ridge Momilani

Huacaya, Female, Proven, Bay Black
ARI# 31166119 | DOB: 6/25/2008
Cindy Negen of Monaco Pines Alpaca Ranch stated, "Momilani is a very solid dark female with excellent bone structure, compact head, silky fleece, and long staple length. Her Dam line has both black and silver with a little full peruvian thrown in. Her sire line is a full brother to Snowmass Nova. Her Dam, LRA Kiara, line has both black and silver with a little full peruvian thrown in."

We could not agree more! We looked for Nova genetics that we could bring into this line and were happy it ...
| ARI# 31166119  | Bay Black 

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Talk about your sleeper! Iglaspa under 3 month had one thing going for him - a bright reflective fleece. WOW has that changed since! He is developing a well conformed pleasing frame on stilts for legs, good uniform fleece coverage and a lot of it. Add to this some nice tightly crimped fiber and we see this as an application for a job on our farm. Let's see if this just keeps getting better, but his name certainly fits.

TO provide us a better objective insight into the qualities we see in Iglaspa we purchased a Grid Sample Test from Ian Watt. The results follow.

Hip........AFD=25.9 SD=4.8 CV=18.4 CF=86.1 Staple 105mm
Mid.......AFD=25.0 SD=5.1 CV=20.5 CF=86.1 Staple 80mm
Shoulder AFD=26.4 SD=4.9 CV=18.6 CF=82.7 Staple 85.0

MAMGB Kitan Sapa his first offspring, has very bright fiber, soft hand, and a bunch of it. One good start!

Financing Terms

Evaluate to the right breeding decision: We developed an evaluation method to assist in breeding decisions. The evaluation and it's use are provided free to help you evaluate your alpaca, your herd, and your breeding decisions that provide satisfactory results. The evaluation is provided in an EXCELL spreadsheet or printed copy..................... Contact us now to evaluate how your herd might be enhanced (262) 970 - 9633..


His name means Asert Black
ARI# 35431374   D.O.B. 8/3/2017  (1 yr)
Huacaya, Male| True Black, Unproven
Sire: MAMGB Iglaspa [Ig-Las'-pah] "Bustin' Out"
Dam: Irene's Dream "Peace Dream"

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