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Alpaca Feed & Nutrition

The approach I use in feeding alpacas attempts to mimic their natural grazing and foraging eating habits.  From what I've read, alpacas are both grazers and foragers and are very good at selecting the tiniest morsel when they are searching for "something" they desire or believe is missing from their diet.  So since I've removed them from an extensive/endless/free range environment and enclosed them in a pasture, I've eliminated a wide variety of "culinary" choices.  Therefore on our farm, they h... Full article >

Breathe ~ Relax ~ Breathe ~ Relax

On Showing Alpacas

I'm not one that likes to get up in front of people. I used to teach Critical Care Nursing and no matter how many times I taught a course or lecture, I still was uptight talking and teaching. I used to take a beta blocker (slows the heart rate and "adrenaline" rush) before I would lecture. It really helped but then about 30 minutes into the talk, my friends in the back would give me a mime for "have a drink" meaning "you need some coffee!"

I remember having two judges sandwich me (Jude A... Full article >

Notes on Neck Injuries

Number 1 on list is pain control. Use banamine at 1cc/100lb SQ. Can give twice a day. Two
things with giving banamine--make sure they are well hydrated as it can affect the kidneys,
and secondly, make sure they are eating and not having stomach issues. I believe we've
been over cautioned about giving banamine in fear of stomach ulcers. Not that ulcers are not
a concern, but if they are eating, etc, it's probably not as big of a concern. Plus, if pain not
controlled, they won't eat. For hydr... Full article >

Alpaca Breeding Made Easy

Okay, maybe "easier" is more appropriate!

Notes on Breeding Females

Female alpacas do cycle even though we've all been told they don't cycle...."just breed them anytime." They have basically a cycle every week. Every other cycle is a dominant cycle which is the one you want to catch. The ovaries take turns developing a follicle. Usually the right ovary has the dominant follicle. My observation is that the more and the longer we leave females open, the more difficul... Full article >

Vitamin D and Alpacas

The Importance of Vitamin D supplementation in Alpacas

Over the past several years, I have seen firsthand, the importance of vitamin D supplementation and unfortunately, the consequences of vitamin D deficiency. In the most severe form of vitamin D deficiency, commonly referred to as rickets, problems include permanent deformities, bone fractures and ultimately death if not corrected in time.

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and critical for bone growth and developement. It is one of the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) which means they ... Full article >