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Is 2012 a Good Year to Buy Alpacas?


Tumbling stocks, tightened lending restrictions, soft real estate market, and generally sluggish economy have defined much of 2008-2012. Does it follow that 2012 would be a good year or a bad year to buy alpacas?

Let’s begin with those already in the alpaca industry who have a herd and or farm in place. Most would agree the market has slowed a bit because of the economic factors listed above. In addition, aging and/or health issues of many current alpaca breeders are causing some tu... Full article >

How I Overcame My Aversion to Spots

Spots on Greys

When I started breeding for gray ten years ago, I confess I had a spot phobia. It was sneaky how it entered my conciousness. After seeing numerous alpacas I was continually drawn to the grays and how beautiful they are. Many of these animals are like a watercolor, with one color bleeding into another, and shades varying from light glistening silver gray to rich, deep and darker hues. At that time, I also thought clean blankets were important. A solid blanket somehow had more appeal, maybe becau... Full article >