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Don Julio

Accoyo Alpacas originate from Estancia Accoyo, an alpaca ranch in Peru, either as direct imports or direct descendants of imports. Over a period of four decades of careful breeding selection, these alpacas have become recognized for having some of the best white fleece in the world.

Don Julio (1919-2006) was a giant in the alpaca world-the Godfather. His relationship with alpacas began almost before he could talk. He was an artist who extracted pigment from the invisible DNA curring in ... read full article

First imports

Apart from an experimental import of 84 alpacas into Australia in the 19th century, alpacas were first imported from South America into Australia, New Zealand and the USA in the late 1980's.

The original imports were from Chile, rather than Peru, and the alpacas were sourced primarily from peasant farmers.

Compared with more recent imports, the quality of the most of these animal's fleeces was poor. They tended to lack density and coverage so had low fleece weights. At that time Peru did... read full article


When the Spaniards invaded Peru in the 1500's they brought their merio sheep with them, and commandeered the better grazing at the lower altitudes. This forced the native Indians into the Andean mountains with their alpacas. To this day most alpaca farming in Peru, Chile and Bolivia takes place in the mountains, with small herds being run by native Indian families who rely on their alpacas for clothing and meat. By and large, breeding is not selective, and herd quility does not improve.

Th... read full article

Why Accoyo?

Why Accoyo?

The best blood line/ the best quality fleece
Selling is easier than others
Usual white color/ ease dye any color ... read full article

Why Alpacas?

Why Alpacas?

Do not have to kill for meat
High cute factor
Ease of handling
Efficient use of small acreage
Lower feed cost/ head
Easy on fences, barn, & other equipment
Higher price of fleece, warm, light weight, and also hypo-allergenic
Unique and unusual
Can be developed for fleece or conformation
Cleaner than other types of livestock comparatively
Great hobby

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