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Golden Pine Alpacas

Breeding the Finest

Pat and Barb Patterson
163 Golden PineGoldendale, WA 98620

It's Late Summer Rituals at Golden Pine

Summer mornings start early at the Golden Pine Alpacas farm. Around 6:30, after breakfast and coffee, we walk from house to barn to get the alpacas' day started.

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Alpaca Fleece Gets Prepped for Production

Late spring into summer is a busy time for alpaca farms, including ours (Golden Pine Alpacas). This is the time to tackle all those poly bags stuffed with fleece from the May shearing.

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Mystery Bus Tour Visits Local Alpaca Farm

Barb Patterson's curious alpacas got to meet a large number of equally curious people at her Golden Pine Alpaca farm

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Why we raise alpacas

Visitors to Golden Pine Alpacas farm often say "How adorable they are!" followed by "but what do you do with them?"

"Sink your hands in this," we say, pointing to a basket filled with alpaca fiber. The response is "ahhh, yes, now I understand!" accompanied by a big smile. We then show the visitors products produced from the fiber sheared from our alpacas, including yarns, rovings, rugs, and a wide variety of hand-knitted and needle-felted items.

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Lots of humming going on: Alpaca halter training begins

Spring training is in full swing - and not only for sporting activities. Alpaca farms throughout the Pacific Northwest are dusting off the small-size halters in preparation for halter training the crias (Spanish for babies) born the previous summer and fall.

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Alpaca breeding, birth season underway.

Nothing is more delightful at an alpaca farm than the advent of birthing season. It’s a time when prior breeding decisions become reality and the crias (Spanish for babies) make their long-awaited appearances. Gestation, or the length of the pregnancy in an alpaca, averages 11-1/2 months. Normally, just one cria is born.

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Alpacas sheared - what beautiful yarn to look forward to.

Alpaca shearing season is going strong for alpaca farms in Washington and Oregon. At Golden Pine Alpacas, we sheared 22 alpacas in two days. May 2 and 3 was ideal weather for shearing outdoors – very little wind and temperatures in the high 60s.

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New Foundation Girl joins Golden Pine Alpacas

Golden Pine Alpacas welcomed Accoyo America Scythia September 22, 2011. She is a stunning girl Barb bought at the May 2011 AOBA Nationals Auction in Denver from Pacific Crest Accoyo America. Scythia's sire is Accoyo America North Star and dam is Accoyo America Adorabella; Bred to Accoyo America Jason, she delivered a beautiful dark fawn daughter Carmella in 2013.... Full article >


It wasn't the recent strong winds that lightened the load of area alpacas. It was shearing time at Golden Pines Alpacas, in Ponderosa Park, outside Goldendale...

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Alpacas Are . . .

This ad ran in the June 2011 issue of Wampinrock News out of Maupin, Oregon and in the Goldendale Sentinel July 6, 2011, describing the environmentally-friendly alpaca.

PDF of this ad available here.

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Raising Alpacas for Fun and Profit

Ten years ago, my husband Pat and I began a post-retirement adventure which most folks would seriously question. Instead of touring the USA in a motor home or cruising to exotic islands in the Pacific, we decided to start an alpaca farm. I'm sure our grown kids and our neighbors thought we'd gone off the deep end.

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