— The Openherd Team


Targeted advertising for all your animals.

  • Google-style targeted advertising
  • Advertises all your animals and your farm - automatically!
  • Matches what you have with those who are searching
  • Premium farm advertising
  • Included with Professional Plan only

Simple yet powerful

Advertising is essential to getting your farm and animals noticed. But trying to figure out what to advertise, when it is good timing, and dealing with the costs and design process of display ads can be a headache. Ideally you'd give ALL of your animals advertising exposure on a consistent basis.

With AutoAds™ you can! Just upgrade to our Professional Plan and we'll start actively advertising every animal in your list to the right visitors. There's nothing else you need to do!

We know what they're searching for...

Visitors are constantly using Openherd.com to search for animals they want and you may have what they're looking for. If only you knew who they were and when they were looking!

We do. AutoAds™ is how we match what you have to sell with the people who are searching for characteristics that your animal has.

The power of AutoAdsTM

AutoAds™ deliver targeted advertising based on the search criteria visitors are searching. For example, a visitor does a search for a "White, Huacaya, Bred Female". When their search results are displayed, a column of ads are displayed to the right that highlight animals from Professional member farms that most closely match the visitor's search criteria.

Your ads will be displayed in the high visual tracking area on the right side of the screen with attractive photos and additional details, making your animals far more likely to be clicked on.

Now you don't have to spend time trying to decide which animal is deserving of some of your advertising budget. With AutoAds™ every one of your animals - and your farm identity on the Farm Search page - are included!

With AutoAds™ you can have peace-of-mind knowing that while you're busy with other activities, every one of your animals is being actively advertised to the people who are the most interested.


Do I need to design my ads?

No. The beauty of AutoAds™ is that you don't have to do anything. We take your existing herd information and automatically format advertisements based on the photo, price, and other details you've already entered. Just keep you animals' sales information updated, and we take care of the rest.

Do I need to schedule my ads?

No. AutoAds™ run automatically based on the best time to display them - when the specific animal is a good match for what a visitor is searching for. This ensures the best placement, timing, and effectiveness of your ads.

Which of my animals will be advertised?

All of them! AutoAds™ automatically format and display an ad for the animal in your herd that is the best match for the criteria a visitor is searching for. This means that all of your herd is actively being advertised 24/7, rather than just one or two animals for a limited period of time.

Do you advertise my farm as well?

Yes. In addition to advertising your animals to visitors searching for animals, we also advertise your farm to visitors searching for farms.

Can I buy AutoAds™ on their own?

No. AutoAds™ are only available as part of our Professional Plan.

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