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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Puppies & Fodder

Looks like we only have one puppy left from Sophie's litter (DOB 3/20/13) We have a little marked female who will be ready to go to her new home in a couple of months. Here's what another Pyrenees breeder had to say about the puppy they bought from us: Sandman, 6 mo. old puppy from Randy Coleman’s last litter, has the best LGD instincts we’ve ever seen. He’s going to be HUGE, Sweet puppy. Thanks, Michael & Sherry (Pacas & Pyrs).

It appears the Fodder Brudders have gotten our fodder back on track. Gorgeous green grass again growing in the far corner "grow room" in the barn! Anyone thinking of growing fodder - give it a lot of thought. There's a lot of variables that you can't even begin to think of when you start this process. Not only do you have to be aware of and control temp and humidity, but amount of seed in trays, thickness of seed bed, amount and timing of watering, temp of water, drainage (of water NOT absorbed by fodder), time involved (365 days), etc. All of these have come into play many times on our fodder adventure.

It's always a highlight of the day to be there in the barn when we "harvest" our trays for the day's feeding. "How much did it weigh??" is always the question. And, now that our test pen of girls knows the routine........"Go out in the runner while they clean our toilet, wait while they pick it all up - no bean left behind...........Get the racks out of our feeders.........Here it comes - YAY!!! Open the gate, open the gate! Look at that gorgeous green fodder!"

Always something new going on here and we never know what each day will bring. This weekend is Alpacapalooza - our first show of the season. Halter training has been at the top of the list the past couple of weeks and finally get to test our newest stars! The it's off to Futurity in a couple of weeks. Check back for results and updates.

And, remember.........we still have one of those "best LGD's" available for sale! She is purebred (registerable) and microchipped. Be sure to check out updated puppy pics on Randy's Facebook page - also check out Fodder page updates! It's another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest!