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Friday, April 19, 2013

Georgia's Troubles or Alpacas Go Downhill Fast! Day 11

Today we found out, what is wrong with Georgia. We already knew that she has an inner ear infection, but today it was confirmed through the blood test. Unfortunately, the infection also gave her EPE (Eperythrozoonosis). So now, apart from the IV's she gets to combat her dehydration and administer antibiotics, she also gets Tetracycline for the EPE.

What is EPE you ask? Well here is the answer: "An eperythrozooan is a little bacterium that affects the red blood cells. It actually sits on the red blood cells and the immune system sees that as a problem and figures it has to take out the red blood cells and destroy them. It can lead to severe anemia or mild or moderate anemia particularly in animals that are stressed or immune compromised." (Susan J. Tornquist, DVM, PhD, Dip. ACVP
College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 97331)

How do you know whether one of your alpacas has EPE? You can't really, unless you have a blood test done. But if you have one that is losing weight without any real reason and maybe seems a bit lethargic, and no amount of extra feed will "fatten" it up, that's the time to have the blood tested!

So far, Georgia is holding her own. The vet also tube feeds her twice a day to keep her cut moving. All in all, we are hoping that she will come out healthy at the other end.