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Sunday, March 16, 2014

How l fell in love with alpacas!

Sundancer, Miss Personality

Sundancer, Miss Personality

December 2011 - Never heard the word alpaca before until....l realized my dream of buying a piece of land in Oregon and then it was time for some search of farm animals to keep on it!
Somehow l stambled on these cute little faces...and that was it, I was conquered, but I did not know yet!
So I did what everybody was suggesting to do, visit alpaca farms. There was a particular picture of a funny brown alpaca that was inevitably attracting me, so of course that was my first visit. The offer was 5 suri alpacas, three pregnant females, one 6 months old baby girl and a male, my special birthday was getting closer and they were adorable, that was it, but l did not know yet!
Somehow l convinced my husband that he wanted to join me in the next farm visit, so we spent a couple of hours with very nice people learning and watching these curious creatures, my mind was set, but l did not know yet!

The question was finally formulated "My Dear, what do you think of these animals? Would this be interesting for us?" the answer was supposed to be vague"Maybe" he said, but to me it sounded like yes!

Then he left for a week business trip and I thought that Sundancer, this was the name of the funny brown alpaca, could not wait any further, my "special birthday" was getting closer and l thought l needed a special gift, Paolas Pacas was born!

I was looking at these gentle creatures and enjoying the feeling they were mine, admiring the flow of their furs when they were running around, the pearl shining of the fleece and softness of the yarn and products that could be made.
I was totally in!

Since then, the family has grown and changed, l have been working hard in trying to improve and learn about alpacas and what can be done with their beautiful fiber.

Everybody around me has learned and hears continuosly about alpacas and their funny stories. It is a beautiful life style, which allows hours in the open air, meeting with new people that share your passion, precious moments of life in contact with nature and the pleasure of creating something that people can enjoy.
Never regretted my decision and enjoying every (almost!) moment of it.....

Paola & the Pacas